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Path of Exile: Build Guides on Spellslinger Occultist

Sep 09, 2022

Hey guys, today let’s talk a powerful build in Path of Exile, Spellslingers. But not just any spellslinger, I'm going to be talking about chaos Spellslingers, specifically for the Essence Drain and Soulrend occultists. The build archetype we all thought was dead is now back in action, and to top it all off, I pushed this build all the way to the end game without spending tons of resources.

So as many of you guys may know, the chaos spellslinger was once a very popular build ever since the introduction of the skill back in patch 3.10, however many leaks have passed ever since then, and the chaos spellslinger has unfortunately been met with various nerfs that have made it widely not popular anymore. You have various issues ranging from poor mana reservation management, poor damage output and of course poor brain development, but that's personal issue. One of the biggest issues with running a spellslinger setup is the inherent mana cost of the spells being slung.

As we all know the difference between a build doing 3 million dps, and no dps is whether or not it has mana to cast these spells. So what I decided to do was utilize Thrill Killer alongside a few mana notes on the passive tree as well as clarity, in order to sustain the mana needed for general mapping and boss fighting purposes. and as you can see another problem with this build is that you have to reserve auras on your life. Meaning that if you don't get enough energy shield you will be inflicted with a status ailment, otherwise known as death. One of the things I enjoyed about this build is that you can fully automate the process of casting, both Essence Drain and Soulrend into a single button, which allows you to properly kite out severely overtuned monsters.

The way this build works is you fire an attack into your enemies, overwhelm them with an onslaught of ghostly projectiles, and watch them all die of death. As their souls begin to evaporate and their minds begin to shatter, as you gaze upon the scene of carnage you begin to realize that something is not quite right, their bodies are missing. And that's because we like to run the most satisfying ascendancy passive, by running Profane Bloom with a curse on hit ring, we can detonate the corpses of our slain foes to propagate the most satisfying map clearing experience.

For our Ascendancy, we'll once again be running with Path of Exile's most popular goth girlfriend, the Occultist. For our Ascendancy passes we'll be running void beacon, withering presence, malediction and of course profane bloom. This is literally the first build I've ever showcased where all Ascendancy passives were actually geared towards dealing more damage.

For our defenses we have Discipline, Tempest Shield, every Energy Shield Note on the Passive Tree and of course Cast on Death-Portal. Smarter player would tell you that Vitality linked to Arrogance Support would be a much better pairing with Zelen's Oath, but I would tell you, I'd rather have my Portals.

To gear up this build you need Energy shield, Stats Attributes and Mana Reservation Efficiency. Especially the mana reservation efficiency, to do this we run Prism Guardian to reserve shield on our life pool. Meanwhile, because we're in low life, we'll have to go with Shavronne's Wrapping so that we don't die to chaos damage. Presence of Chayual gives more energy shields, stun immunity and chaos res.

Use Deafening Essence of Loathing to craft a helmet with increased mana reservation efficiency, and the rest of the gear can be used to cover for stats, elemental resistances and more energy shield. If you're ever struggling to do more damage, consider using the Amulet of the Mine Goblin.

Additionally if you want to check more about the Occultist or more other builds guides, is you best inform station. On the other hand you can buy POE Currency here as well with cheap price and absolute quick delivery.


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