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Path of Exile Delirium Everywhere Event Guide

Jan 05, 2022

With the advent of 2022, another new 10-day event has arrived - Delirium Everywhere. You can participate in this new 10-day event, and you can meet a new Delirium Fog on every map. will provide a detailed guide to this event.

Delirium Everywhere

A league of Path Of Exile is called Delirium, so this event was inspired by it. This 10-day event is essentially the return of that league, but there are some changes.

Once you participate, you will encounter different percentages of Delirium Fog on each map. It may be only 1% fog, or 100% fog. The percentage of fog will increase the strength of the monster, lurking in it, along with the number of monsters that spawn on the map.

Although it is indeed dangerous, it means that the reward has a greater chance of dropping, and Simulacrum splinters will also drop. Once an area has a percentage of delirium, you will find that the area stays at this percentage.

In the campaign, Delirium Fog will add a new spin to the leveling process, if you can persist to the end, you will also encounter Delirium. GGG stated to try not to make the campaign levels too crazy so that you can play the game and level up as your build takes form.

The Delirium Everywhere event was considered voided and sits outside of the Scourge farm. Mirrors of Delirium will not spawn in the event. So you can enjoy this event.

The other good news is that GGG announced that their team’s holiday break is over, and they will return to work. POE 3.17 and POE 2 have become their focus again.

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