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Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas Influences The Gameplay

Feb 26, 2021

Path of Exile is a dark game, its atmosphere is very attractive, and the unusual economic system based on Orb's exchange and freedom, these characteristics make it more popular. Last month released the latest expansion - Echoes of the Atlas. It provides a new epilogue for Conquerors of the Atlas, and introduces many new features, and has affected the gameplay to a certain extent.

The Ritual League

The Ritual League is undoubtedly one of the most attractive content. These rituals greatly increase the time of gameplay and also increase the players' chances of obtaining exclusive items. However, the Altar Rituals stand out for being quite difficult, so you need to have a good build and a lot of skills so that you can survive to the end. Sacred Groves also appeared on the map, pre-created groves where you can start Horticrafting, so you will expand the harvesting mechanic.

The Maven's Crucible

This is a feature that POE players most look forward to, because it provides a battle to challenge the boss. Only the most experienced ARPG will have the opportunity to endure it. This is exactly what this expansion has brought about.

After completing The Maven's Crucible, you will receive Maven's Gift, which allows you to assign skill points to the aforementioned skill tree. In other words, this mechanic has now become a sign of the successful completion of this major challenge. Therefore, a good choice is to obtain a large number of Orbs to exchange for some necessary items to improve your equipment.

Atlas passive skill tree

This allows players to acquire various skills in each Atlas area. As you progress in the Maven mission line, you will be able to unlock more and more Atlas passive skills. These passive skills not only improve your abilities, but also increase the possibilities in the building.

In short, other notable features introduced by Echoes of the Atlas are Heist integration and Ascendancy career rebalancing, as they also affect gameplay. So this provides a new gaming experience for POE players. If you need the help of POE Currency in the game, you can buy them from

As mentioned above, if you want to get some great equipment, you need a lot of Orbs to exchange for some necessary items. No matter which Orbs you need, you can find them on


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