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Path Of Exile Emblems Guide

In Path Of Exile, there are many splinters from the specific content of the league, this article will show you more about the mechanic of the legion. Learn the timeless splinters to farm efficiently and get the Timeless Emblems.

Timeless Splinters and Emblems are needed to open the portal of legion bosses. You need 100 splinters to get the relevant Emblem. So, Timeless Emblems and related Timeless Splinters and how to get them.

Of course, you can farm legion encounters on the map and collect these Emblems slowly.

How to farm Timeless Splinters and Emblems?

There are many different ways to help you find more Timeless Splinters, and even let you find them all at once.

Immortal Syndicate

A member of the Immortal Syndicate will help you farm specific content - Vagan, according to his location, you can find different types of loot:

* Transportation: Relocating Timeless Splinters Chest with Legion splinters

* Fortification: Patrolling Legion Cache Contains Legion chests/war hoards instead of the normal chest

* Research: Stashing Incubators Chest with Incubators 

* Intervention: Selectively Stealing Legion Scarabs Chest with a Legion

If you need splinters move Vagan to Transportation and promote him to Captain. When you have collected enough intelligence, enter the Transportation Safehouse and get your things.

Legion Scarabs

From time to time, you will get scarabs, a type related to Legion, there are four types:

* Rusted Legion Scarab

* Polished Legion Scarab

* Gilded Legion Scarab

* Winged Legion Scarab

When you put the Legion Scarabs into the map device, they will be added to the additional Legion encounters. The higher-tier scarabs guarantee that the legion will have war reserves and generals.

You can get all of them randomly as loot on maps, or via Skittering Incubator and divination cards:

* Cameria’s Cut- Exchange 2 cards for a random Scarab

* More is Never Enough- Exchange 7 cards for random Gilded Scarab (Drop from Gorulis, Will-Thief, the boss of Infested Valley Map).

You can obtain Winged Scarabs from a Rank 3 Intervention member in Mastermind’s Lair. They can also be obtained by Harvesting a Vivid Vulture, which has a chance of giving a crafting option that upgrades a Scarab, with a chance to upgrade it to a Winged variant.

Heists and Grand Heists

There is a legion chest type, which you can find in Heist or grand heist. They can include Legion Splinters and Incubators. The main trick is to choose the rogues who can trigger this kind of chest in the encounter. Legion chests can appear on contracts LVL 68+ , if you take Vinderi (5), Isla (4), or Tullina (2) for the Trap Disarmament job. You can see the level of the skill required to succeed.

Temple of Atzoatl

Level up Temple of Atzoatl room with Legion encounters. The names of these rooms:

* 1st LVL - Hall of Mettle (Contains a Timeless Monolith)

* 2nd LVL - Hall of Heroes (Contains a valuable Timeless Monolith where each Legion contains a War Hoard)

* 3rd LVL - Hall of Legends (Contains a Timeless Monolith that will reveal two Generals where each Legion contains a War Hoard and accompanied by a General)

If you want to kill Legion Generals, then the Hall of Legends room in the Temple of Atzoatl will be the best place.

Glennach Cairns region

Legion League

* Monumental: Areas have a 10% additional chance to contain a Legion Encounter.

* Face to Face: Legion Encounters in Areas are 100% more likely to include a General.

Legion Encounters with a General in Areas have both Generals.

* High-Value Targets: Legions in Areas contains 3 additional Sergeants.

Legion Sergeants in Areas have a 25% additional chance to get Rewards.

 Minor Node

* Legion Additional Splinter Chance

* Legion Monsters and Chests in Areas have a 1% chance to drop an additional Timeless Splinter.

New Vastir region

Legion League

* War Supplies: Each Legion in Areas contains an additional War Hoard.

* Emblematic: Timeless Splinters dropped in Areas have a 1% chance to drop as Timeless Emblems instead.

Minor Node

* Legion Monolith Chance

* Areas have +3% chance to contain a Legion Encounter.

Other ways to get Timeless Splinters or Emblems

* Ritual encounters

* Ultimatum Trialmaster

* Blight league

* You can find the Buried Monolith node in Delve that Contains Legion Encounter.

* Drop from Metamorphs

* Timeless Delirium Orb will grant you “Modifies a Map item adding layers of Delirium with the Legion reward type”.

This is the Emblems guide for POE, if it works for you, that would be great. also posted more POE guides, if you are interested, you can check them out.

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