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Path Of Exile: Expedition League Basic Mechanics Guide

The Kalguuran expedition will challenge you through their maps. Unlike the previous leagues, Path Of Exile 3.15 is more complex and has more content and gameplay. You will find that the new NPCs have different items, which can be upgraded to help your gather gear to upgrade faster. will introduce the basics of Expedition.

When you enter Lioneye’s Watch, you will see the trace of Expedition content, where you will see the expedition locker waiting for you. You can also put it in your hideout, enter the editing mode, and scroll to the "Hideout Item" part in decorations. The expedition locker will contain all the artifacts needed to trade with the new expedition merchants and expedition maps. The great thing is that you can use it all automatically from your stash tab to the expedition locker. To do this, you need to tick it in the right bottom corner.

When activate, you will no longer need to manually open and place expedition items. Just go to your stash and click on all the items, they automatically get when you want them. By the way, the same thing happened to Heist locker.

If you tick there, when you put all the contracts in your locker, they will automatically be sorted into the Heist locker.

The next step is to go to the next area and find your first ex[edition encounter. You can meet 4 different merchants in the game, but they will not affect the encounter itself. As for the encounters, you will meet a merchant next to detonators and sticks with skulls around them.

If you detonate it, these sticks will tell you what will happen. Some indicators will be yellow or red, which means better loot and harder monsters. You will also see pillars named "Unearthed Remnant" with different modes on them. Read them, especially the yellow ones, because they may add reflects or immune to certain sources of your damage. When you are done, you can check all active modifiers by hovering over the icon next to the number of explosions left.

Unearthed ruins can also enhance your rewards, and it's worth detonating under them. You will see 4 Unearthed Remnants in each encounter, with only 3 charges of the explosives, but as the game progresses, the number will increase. This means you will be able to excavate all 4 Unearthed Remnants.

Run around the expedition indicators, decide which part you are most interested in, press V and place an explosive charge. All indicators marked as green are detonated and you will be able to loot them.

Note that you can't put the explosive too far, if you see the red circle marked, it means you can't put it there. You need to move it closer to the detonator. You can undo the placement by clicking on the reversing arrow next to the mana on the screen. If everything is in place, you can detonate the explosives. All the explosives will be detonated one by one in the order they are placed and the chests and enemies will be excavated.

If you haven't used the Unearthed Remnant modifier to enhance the loot, there is basic loot in the unearthed chest.

In addition, you will also get merchant-specific artifacts needed for trading. Regarding this, will also make a detailed introduction later.

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