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Path of Exile: Gear for beating Ahuatotli,the Blind

Jul 15, 2022

Delve Bosses will expand with depth, and players will face more and more challenges as exploration deepens. Ahuatotli, the Blind, as the first Boss players encounter in Delve, is located in The Grand Architect's Temple.

Players will earliest encounter this boss in the depths of 83. In order to win this Bossfight, we need to understand its attack patterns and adopt certain strategies.

When the player first enters the arena, Ahuatotli, the Blind has a five-second cooldown, it doesn't move, it just stands in the center. After the cooldown is over, he will start using his skills to turn the arena into a Darkness Phase, where players will be stacked with Darkness Damage. At this point, players must either use flares or move to a bright spot.

It's worth noting that there are four turrets scattered around the arena that fire lasers and corrode blood, an attack that does a lot of damage. And players close them by reaching the buttons in the four corners of the arena.

Since Ahuatotli, the Blind focuses on physical attacks, mitigating the damage they cause is an important criterion for choosing items and gear. The following items can be prepared in advance:

1. Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask — Converts Physical Damage taken to Cold Harm Taken and Increases Maximum Cold Resistance throughout flask effect.

2. Basalt Flask — Grants 15% Physical Harm Reduction during flask effect.

3. Granite Flask — Grants +3000 Armour for the duration of Flask Impact.

4. Arctic Armour — Grants 8–13% much less Physical Harm when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage taken when hit.

5. Determination — Grants 32%-51% a lot more armor.

The acquisition of the above equipment is not difficult, you can choose to visit POE Currency and buy them.

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