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Path Of Exile Guide: How To Level Up Faster For Beginners?

Since the release of Heist League, more and more people have been attracted by its unique concept. Because it is a free online game, it has more new players. In fact, it is very difficult for new players to master this game quickly, there are many features in the game that you need to learn, such as POE Currency, POE Trade, and different POE Orbs. You not only need to understand their functions, but also learn how to use them to make you upgrade.

Level 1-65

As a novice, in your early stage, you only need to focus on the blue packs until you reach level 30. You don't have to pay too much attention to other side quests. However, after level 30, you need to spend more energy on the POE build. A good POE build will make your character more comfortable when encountering enemies. For this, farming XP is your main consideration. For better grinding XP, Dried Lake and the docks both are good places.

After Level 65

When you reach level 65, you can start to run at least non-red maps, you can keep doing this until you reach level 90, you have to farm POE Currency in case you need it in later. As time accumulates, you'll gradually reach a higher level, and then you need to start completing maps. If you want to get with more rewards and more exciting game experience, you can increase the difficulty of the map, but at the same time be prepared for failure, because the challenge is more difficult.

Tips for leveling up faster

1. Join a group

Joining a group will help you upgrade quickly! With the help of the teammates, you can not only upgrade faster, but also have less stress. There is a noticeboard in each town. You can create a group by yourself and wait for others to join, or you can ask to join another group. It should be noted that once you join a group, the difficulty of your ensuing enemies will also increase, but after all, you have the support and help of your teammates, which is better than fighting alone.

2. Choose the best equipment

Having a good set of equipment is also crucial for your build, but it is also the most troublesome part for players. You need to find suitable gems for your build. This is a process of accumulation. We don't recommend that you spend all your money on one thing. It is not worth it.

3. Where to farm

Farming is important in POE, but more important is to choose the right place to farm wisely. You can farm in densely populated areas, such as The Ledge in act 1, or Fellshrine Ruins in act 2. Through these areas, your character can be quickly upgraded.

These are tips that novices need to know. As you gradually understand the game, you will sort out a set of strategies that suits you. But remember, the value of POE Currency in the game is irreplaceable, it will be what you always need. If you don't take the extra time to farm POE Currency, then the fastest way is of course to go to a store to buy POE currency.

With the rising popularity of POE, many scammers are becoming more rampant, so it is very important for players to choose a reliable store. If you are still looking for such a store, then I strongly recommend you to go to - a trustworthy POE Currency seller with highly rated.

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