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Path Of Exile Guide: Some Tips For The Shadow Class


Due to the open-ended passive skill tree, Path Of Exile allows classes to overlap in similarities. In a world made up of homogenous characters, Shadow breaks the similarity of the world. No other class will be stealthing around, accumulating critical hits like Shadow. The Ascendancy classes will make Shadow a greater threat. So if you want to build a perfect Shadow, you can refer to the following suggestions.

Find a skill and stick to it

There are a large number of active skill gem options in Path Of Exile, which can keep the game fresh, but it is not very friendly for new players. You can let Shadow test every spell, but don't put any levels in the seemingly useless skill gems. In the early stage, Shadow can only attack, and switching spells would reduce offensive capabilities.

Always have an ailment going

Setting a debuff on enemy targets is great, even newbies who are just starting to learn the game already understand this. But for Shadow, this is of extra significance, because it has some skills that can cause extra damage to targets with ailments.

Any ailment will do, if you have choices, you can use Bleed or Poison instead, because it will stack better with Shadow skills.

Use a spell

Shadow has a mana pool, but it is difficult to become a mature spellcaster. This does not mean that it should ignore mana completely. Many novices completely ignore the blue globe, and some spells can protect the character or make the enemy more vulnerable to Shadow attacks. So you can find a spell to help solve physical damage.

Have a gem for the mobs

The main role of Shadow is to do huge single-target physical damage. Some builds can change this role, but the game encourages Shadow to complete this task. You have 2 ways to deal with them:

* Gems and skills to help Shadow escape

* Socketing something that takes out groups can also work

The first method will take more time, but stealth has extra utility.

Max out resistances early

Most classes prepare for gearing up first, and then go with resistance, but Shadow needs to change this order. Shadow's short-range and early incompetence made it susceptible to be crushed by magic in the early days. If the correct item does not appear, you need to learn to trade gear, which is exactly what the game needs.

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