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Path Of Exile Guide: Some Useful Tips For The Witch Class


In Path Of Exile, Witch is the most typical magic-user. If you are good at spellcasting, then this class should be a good choice. The Witch needs caution, creativity and special skills, gear, and gems to succeed. There are several builds that can run, but if you want to turn Witch into the scariest class in the game, you can refer to the following suggestions.

Craft a wand to level

The witch can try a variety of weapons as their tools for spellcasting. You can start with Thunder Lord’s Goat’s Horn. It is easy to craft: 1 magic wand, 1 resist ring, 1 alternation orb. It can increase spell damage by 10% and increase the level of elemental gems embedded in it.

Mix auras with minions

If you play Summoner-style Witch, then they are valuable in tanks, inflicting damage and completing perfect heists. The best way to maximize their effectiveness is to stack auras on them. They will gain extra damage and resistance.

Have dynamic spells

This spell is so powerful that every gear and skill should perform this attack at the top level. At least two spell gems are required to cause AOE damage and single target damage.

Use intelligence skill gems

There are a lot of dexterity and strength spells suitable for Witch skills in the game. However, Witch has an advantage in intelligence, and you should pay more attention to this aspect. The special thing about Witch is that it is channeled best through active intelligence skills, so you can stick to these skills.

To be a “Tank”

The Witch is arguably one of the best and most complete tanks in the game. The Energy Shield is based on mana, and Witch never lacks mana. The immunity given by her shield will exceed the damage and survival of Templar and Ranger from any source.

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