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Path Of Exile Guide: Starter Builds ( With Nerf Projection) For Ritual League Expansion

With the announcement of the POE 3.13, some POE players have begun to look for the best builds for the new expansion, including a new game over mechanics and a new Ritual League. However, the 3.13 patch notes will launch on January 12, so in the January 15th update, many builds may not be affected by any nerfs.

Here are some of the best newbie builds for reference, based on the following requirements:

* Ease of leveling

* SSF/Starter viable to end-game without equipment

* Balance of map clear and bossing

* Hardcore-level survival, including SC play

* Delve capability in Hardcore, including SC play

* All contents are capable with A8 Sirus self-found gear

Spectre Summoner - Delve Depth: 456 HC, 600 SC

In 3.12, Spectre has been dominating because the Syndicate Operatives have broken. Although it is very likely that Spectres have a high possibility of getting nerf, they are also unlikely to become useless, but they will not dominate in 3.13 as before.

Ground Slam/ Earthshatter Call of Steel (CoS) Champion - Delve Depth: 594 SC, 871 HC

This build will allow you to deal the highest damage with the least investment, because of that, it has a high nerf possibility. Since many players can easily kill bosses with it, this type of building is likely not to appear in 3.13. It may be replaced by Lacerate/EQ Bleed Gladiators and Cyclone.

Bladefall/ Blade Blast Chieftain/ Assassin - Delve Depth: 818 SC, 301 HC

This build will cause awesome damage, with the Chieftain variation ends on top, then the Poison Assassin, which leads the Flashback. Whether the Chieftain version will be nerfed is still uncertain, and Poison related to Assassin ascendancy may be nerfed. However, it is very powerful and it can be played with Elemental, Poison and Physical.

Carrion Golem Elementalist (Necromancer) - Delve Depth: 404 SC, 499 HC

It is one of the most popular builds in 3.12, and it has medium nerf projection. This is because even if there are no equipment requirements, the build is still powerful. Carrion Golems delete the map "OK" and bosses, although it is very powerful. Now it will increase the damage of each Golem by 20%.

Elementalist is SSF friendly and easy to start with, so it is very popular for many new players. However, when the player discovers Shavronne's Wrappings, Necromancer appears on it, which allows it to explore further. So the best way is to start with an Elementalist and create a new Necromancer after obtaining wrappings.

Blade Vortex Poison Assassin - Delve Depth: 800 SC, 457 HC

This build has a high probability of having a nerf because it is too powerful. Players can destroy the map within 45 seconds, the nerf is likely to lead to adjustments to the Assassin ascendancy, as well as the poison interactions with BV and hits.

If you are a novice, this may have some reference for the decision you make. If you need to design a powerful build for your character, you may need POE Currency in the process, because as the main currency in the game, it is vital.

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