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Path Of Exile Guide: There's No Perfect Build, But These Builds May Help You To Some Extent

The Heist League provides generous rewards for players who are brave enough, but because the enemies are also very powerful, it is not easy to defeat them easily, so many players have been looking for builds that can dish out a lot of damage while bear the great damage. But no build is perfect. All we can do is constantly find better builds.

If you want to try the Heist League, you can try the following builds:

Poison Blade Vortex Assassin

Blade Vortex is a magical spell that quickly attacks targets around you. Because of its fast speed, it is perfect if used with a poison Assassin. As Assassin can stack a lot of poison, if you have good equipment and gem links, this build will have a lot of potential for a single target. Although this build has a very fast speed and enough upgrade space, it is not very friendly for novices. For veterans, trying this may be an unexpected gain for you.

Steel Skill Champion

Steel skills have changed a lot in the Heist League. Now you can use impales and enemy weapons as ammunition. When it is paired with the chance of impaling and the new Call of Steel skill, it will perform well in practice.

Champion Ascendancy's impales are no other characters that can match. Navigating the tree gets as much life, impale effect, and damage as possible. This character can also play the role of a tank and is good at cleaning content. Splitting Steel is the best choice for cleaning. If you want to enhance single-target DPS, then Lancing Steel is a good choice.

Toxic Rain Pathfinder

Players always favor damage-over-time skills in the builds at the beginning of the league. Toxic Rain Pathfinder is a typical example. Although this build relies on flasks for defense, its amazing speed and super high damage can make up for this weakness. As long as you have good equipment, the proliferation of your Pathfinder's poison and flask uptime will make Toxic Rain a top-tier bow build.

Cast on Crit Cyclone Assassin

If you want to cause a fatal blow to the enemy, then the assassin must be the best choice. They can do quite well on any critical strike skill, thanks to the assassin's high critical chance and Power Charges.

Most Cast on Crit Assassins tend to use Cyclone with the Cast on Critical Strike support gem or a Cospri's Malice Unique sword. Even sometimes, these two will be used at the same time.

In the Heist League, many players use Cyclone and Ice Nova to destroy groups of targets. If you want a clearing skill that is against Legions, Breaches and high pack size Contracts, then Vaal Ice Nova would be great. If you focus on increasing Cold damage and critical multipliers, which will make this build more indestructible.

Even though Path of exile has 7 years of history, it still has a lot of fans, not only for the updates of their R&D team but also for its unfathomable builds. It is not a pay to win game. POE Currency can help you through some difficulties to a certain extent, but more importantly, you need to constantly explore the mysteries by yourself. This process is enjoyed by many players. will also continue to update some news and game guides about POE. We always believe that different ideas can always create greater ones.

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