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Path Of Exile Guide To Mayhem Events

Dec 07, 2020

Mayhem Events has already started, and some players must have encountered some problems. We have collected some frequently asked questions and provided corresponding answers. If you have encountered the same problem, perhaps this article will be useful for you.

What should I do for leveling up to 95?

Efficient Atlas progression. Because most of the density is given by the Mayhem modifiers for free, it is very easy to maintain the numerical without any investment. Therefore, the ability to speed up the Atlas into spawning red maps will be an obstacle for you to reap the benefits of good exp. After that, you can team up with others or get into some high-level breakstone.

If you want to upgrade to 95, Beachhead Rotas is the best choice, or you can continue to run for 16s without dying, and you will become better.

I'm in Mayhem SSF, any tips for farming the call of steel jewels?

Use the Ancient Orbs obtained from Harbingers on jewels, and pay attention to Einhar beasts. And using speed is nice QoL, and AoE is obvious, but it is not needed for the slam variant. Call of Steel causes 50% increased Reflected Damage might look like an ordinary increased stat, but nothing in the game scales reflected damage like this. You go from 100% damage to 150%, so you can effectively read this as 50% More damage. It's basically the power of an extra support gem.

For those people with SSF, how do you go about getting resists? 

A combination of picking up all the rare top tier bases (for your level) and bench crafting. If you're desperate for a certain resist you can use essences.

The +1 level wand vendor recipe gives flat damage now, not +levels anymore.

You can watch for 4 links to drop on a base that has the correct requirements for the colors you're rolling or roll the sockets+links yourself if the item has really good affixes. You only need 1-2 links for a damage skill to get through the campaign so you shouldn't need to reroll them too often.

Anyway, this event will last for a week. If there are other questions, will also update them in the news section. If you are interested, you can choose to subscribe to or bookmark the news page.

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