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Path Of Exile Guide: Ways To Get More POE Currency

As a Path of Exile player, you should understand the importance of POE Currency, its role is not only to kill the enemies, different currencies have different functions. If you want to get good equipment or craft good items, you need a lot of POE Currency. Fortunately, you can obtain currency in many ways in POE.

Keep playing the game

Of course, this is the most basic requirement. If you can't play the game continuously, it is almost impossible to get top items in the game, because this is a slow project that requires a lot of time and energy.

Craft items and sell them

Crafting items is based on having a lot of game knowledge and good luck. Although the popular items are different in each league, the core principle is to create items that the meta-build will use because they are in high demand.

Join in a group

Playing this game with a group of teammates will help improve currency farming. This is because each member of the team will get a 50% multiplier item quantity and rarity. Although the enemy's damage will also increase, these bonus multipliers mean that double or triple items will be dropped every subsequent round.


Heisting is a great way to earn money because every Contract and Blueprint will provide a large number of items. All you need to do is open as many chests as possible without sounding the alarm. Upgrade the Rogues and their gear so that they can open as many chests as possible before the alarm goes off. Note that this mechanism may not appear in future leagues, so take the opportunity! Get as much POE Currency as possible.

Capture beasts for Einhar

Einhar is tied to the Bestiary mechanic. You can get modifiers by helping hunters catch rare creatures with unique modifiers. This is a niche league mechanic, but if you can master it, it will be the most profitable league mechanic.

Of course, these are for players who have much time to become familiar with it. If you don't have time to farm currency, then going to to buy POE Currency you need is the fastest and most convenient way.

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