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Path Of Exile: Here Are Some Tips For You To Start Ritual League

The Ritual League has a fairly simple mechanic, which only requires you to find the ritual circle and kill those monsters inside after activation. This article will give some tips to make you more smooth in this league.

How to get better loot?

Over time, there are several different ways to improve the overall quality and quantity of rewards you receive from the Ritual:

1. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.

If you just got the map and didn't get valuable rewards from the rituals, don't be anxious. Most valuable items are found on the red map (tier 11 or above), so you should try to clean up the high tiers maps.

2. Monsters and Tribute

The monsters you kill in the first ritual circle will appear in the next ritual circle, so in order to get as many points as possible in the next ritual, killing more enemies in the first circle is necessary, so how to do it?

* Clear the entire map and start activating rituals, with the ones you encountered and killed the most monsters. This will increase your Tribute points, although it will take more time to clear the map because you are likely to return to the entrance.

* Clear maps with high monster pack size. The harder the map, the more mods there are, and the higher it is. This means that more mobs will enter the ritual circle.

* Game mechanics such as Delirium, Beyond, Breach and Legion will help you get extra enemies besides the monsters on the map, which means you will get extra Tribute.

3. If you find a good ritual circle, use Ritual Vessel on it. It will allow you to transfer all the monsters you killed on this ritual altar to another map, which is also a good promotion for you to get Tribute points on the new map.

4.Use rerolls

If you have more than 5K Tribute points, but don't have any valuable rewards, at this time, you can use reroll at will. With its help, you can double the reward range on the map and you still have enough Tribute to defer the new valuable reward, otherwise, it will disappear, so pay attention to the Tribute points when rerolling.

Just like the above, a bigger challenge means a better reward, so if you have the courage to try, you are likely to get the reward you expect. If you want to increase the chance of getting valuable rewards, you can make your role powerful as possible, if you need some POE Currency, you can buy them from

If you want to buy cheap and safe POE Currency, can be said to be the best choice, and also provides fast delivery, because we have a large inventory to meet all your needs at any time!

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