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Path Of Exile: How Did You Feel After You Clearing Four Floors In The Forbidden Sanctum?

Dec 16, 2022

Path of Exile 3.20 expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum is now fully live on PC/Mac and consoles. In this expansion, we ushered in many fresh elements, such as new monster mods, new skill gems, new reward mechanism and a new mode called Ruthless, etc. It also includes the Sanctum League.

After experiencing this new league content, many players have shared their experiences on Reddit. Today I want to share a related experience from the user named and/weikor. He mainly shared some of his personal experiences after exploring the four floors of Sanctum.

Before starting to share, he first said that he likes this new league very much, because he thinks the new content will be easier than before. Secondly, he also emphasized some of his preparations before challenging the Sanctum League. Specifically, he has 8m dps. And he's playing a totem build.

Sanctum League

At the beginning, and/weikor also felt that if only one avarage build was used, it would be impossible to complete the Sanctum run with four floors. Especially on the third day of his experience, he only got very few relics. At the same time, he has been stuck on the 2nd floor and cannot move forward. This led him to suspect at one point that the Sanctum was just a TLDR sanctuary. As the game progressed, he gradually discovered:

1. When exploring the third floor of the Sanctum, the rewards start to get better. Especially on the fourth floor, it was full of rewards. Specifically, just after completing the exploration of the fourth floor, you can get a Divne Orb and 28 Chaos Orbs. Rewards that might drop before then, hardly compare to these rewards.

2. In the new league, relics are very important. Since everything is unknown in the process of exploration, you can't choose what you want to get, so we should focus on restoring influence, weakening the enemy or replenishing our own damage.

3. After you complete Act 2 Felshrine ruins, you can unlock vendors. And you can use your collected Aureus coins to trade with these vendors. They can provide you with very powerful stuff. You can also use 5-150 Aureus coins to go to the room with the fountain. In these rooms, you can restore your Resolve level.

4. Boons are also very important. Not only do they give your character 60% movement speed, but the damage your character unleashes increases by 50%.

5. Curses are also important. You especially can't pick anything that makes enemies faster/makes fights last longer.

6. DPS plays the biggest role when exploring the Sanctum. If your damage reaches around 10m dps, you can basically fight guards or even bosses one-on-one and shorten the battle time to 2 seconds and eliminate the Resolve loss in daily situations. In particular, you can easily dodge boss attacks and defeat them in 2 seconds.

7. The room structure in Sanctum has become more interesting. Every time you enter a room, you will have unexpected surprises.


And/weikor also said that while there are definitely advantages to using totem or minion builds, if they get hit too hard during your exploration, they won't be of much use anymore. As long as your DPS is high enough, you can easily clear Sanctum floor 4 and comfortably do Maven. As long as you have a good build, proper movement speed and damage, you can even run Sanctum floor 4 successfully. And the probability is 90%.

Relics can drop anywhere. From the normal Generals, to the bosses of each floor. The second floor also has a chance to drop the Sanctified Relic. In addition, the item levels of floors 1 to 4 in Sanctum are different.

If you feel that getting Divne Orbs or Chaos Orbs through the Sanctum run is too time-consuming and labor-intensive, you may wish to take a look at related services on this website.


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