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Path of Exile: How to beat Searing Exarch boss?

Whether it's the base game or the Challenge League, you have the chance to encounter The Searing Exarch, which is truly intimidating as one of the Pinnacle bosses in Atlas of Worlds. But actually, it's not very difficult to beat it

In Sentinel League, The Searing Exarch is the 35th challenge for players to complete. Although the game mechanics are somewhat different, the following guide will help you defeat this boss in both modes.

The Searing Exarch has been using 3 skills in a loop during the battle. Since every time he casts a skill, there will be corresponding audio, players can take countermeasures in advance based on the sound. The first thing players will hear is "Disintegration!" and "Cleansing!" They will bring a Flame Wall moving towards us. We just have to dodge or jump with Flame Dash. The second is "Annihilation!" which brings Blazing Salvo to track players in the arena.

But the most notable are "Incineration!" and "The fires of a thousand suns!" both of which can easily kill the player.

"Incineration!" will release an AOE flame covering 2/3 of the range for a short time, and it will bypass the block or dodge. At this time, players need to move along the edge of the attack range.

And "The fires of a thousand suns!" will bring Rolling Meteor Wall, be sure to become focused when entering this bullet-hell phase, because those meteors can easily bring death. Maven is also spectating above the arena at this point and fires purple beams to destroy 4 to 10 meteors for a short evasion time. All you have to do is try to slip away in these gaps, and you can use Flame Dash as a movement skill, which will help a lot.

In fact "The fires of a thousand suns!" will trigger when the Searing Exarch reaches around 20% health, which means the bullet-hell phase will happen multiple times during the battle. Players can defeat it with a high-damage attack before it unleashes the ability by increasing its DPS build. is committed to bringing you an improvement in your gaming experience, and if you get stuck in the process, you can find more helpful guides and news here. What's more, we will offer you POE Currency for sale, you can have more fun in Path of Exile one step ahead.

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