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Path Of Exile: How To Check Server Status?

Path Of Exile is an RPG game with a lot of players. It has opened many servers so that players all over the world can enjoy this game. But for different reasons, Path Of Exile sometimes might be down. This article by will show you how to know the server status.

The main reasons why POE can be down

Why POE is down? This is always a technical issue with the servers. Like other games, POE is also planned and technically maintained by the developer team. Normally, the game is played at the beginning of the league and within a few weeks after the game. If you are in the game, you will see the announcement in the chat written in yellow. You will get information about when the servers will be down and for how long. Normally, GGG will open the announcement 30-60 minutes before the server goes down.

Another reason may be related to the inner server issues. They are usually caused by a large number of players playing games at the same time. When the number of players exceeds the server bandwidth, it will go down. You will not see any announcements but experience constant game crashes.

How to check POE server status?

You will learn about it according to the reason that caused the server to drop. You can learn about any maintenance plan through in-game chat or POE Discord channel/POE Reddit/POE Twitter. Sometimes, you can also see detailed information about the POE server status on their official website. Usually, GGG publishes information about server status on its website, only if it is a huge problem, involving tricky technical issues, and it takes time to fix it correctly.

But if you want to know the server status before entering the game, this is also possible. There are some services that can display the status of your POE server. Here are the tools you need to use:

PingTestLive -

It is a simple and easy-to-use online tool, you can check the status of the POE server.

You will see two ways of checking the status:

* By checking the location with latency check, you can select any number of servers you are interested in and click ping.

* The other is a simple POE server status. At the bottom of the page, you will see the table showing the current status of each POE server.

Downdetector -

It shows the issues related to the POE servers in the past 24 hours, and you will see them sorted by the number of reports.

Ping Server Status -

It not only shows the unique status of the Path Of Exile server but also pings each server.

When does POE go live?

Different conditions have different downtimes, so you need to check the relevant information yourself. If it is a major technical issue, you may see an explanation and timeline on another note on the official website.

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