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Path of Exile: How to get Mirror of Kalandra?

Jul 05, 2022

Mirror of Kalandra is a representative Path of Exile item and one of the most valuable in the base currency, it can bring very significant help and advancement to the player's upgrade path. Players can use Mirror of Kalandra to create a fair copy of items that, in a way, doubles the benefits of top rarity items they own. It's worth noting that a Mirror of Kalandra can only be used once.

Depending on the special in-game economic system of Path of Exile, the rare Mirror of Kalandra is undoubtedly the most special one among many basic currencies, so many people will be very surprised when they accidentally drop the Mirror of Kalandra during the battle, and some players It will even consider getting it as a goal.

Although the Mirror of Kalandra is very rare and expensive, there are some effective ways to get it.

1. Collect 9 House of Mirrors Divination cards.

Although players have a certain possibility to get the Mirror of Kalandra dropped by slaying enemies, opening strongboxes and chests after reaching level 35, the drop rate can be said to be very small, so we might as well choose another more secure one The way, and that is through the House of Mirrors Divination cards, and while getting them also requires laborious farming in The Alluring Abyss, at least the results are known.

2. Collect 5 Emperor's Luck Divination cards.

The currency items exchanged for collecting Emperor's Luck Divination cards are relatively random. Although Mirror of Kalandra is included, the drop rate is still not high. This requires players to devote their time to farming. However, this method can bring many potential benefits, and it is also a good choice.

3. Exchange with a currency of lower value.

While this doesn't change the fact that Mirror of Kalandra is expensive, it does reduce the difficulty accordingly. According to the results of a real-time search, the current Mirror of Kalandra needs to cost about 95k Chaos Orb or about 530 Exalted Orb to get.

4. Obtained from POECurrency.

POECurrency is a well-received third-party service provider for Path of Exile in the market. More importantly, we can buy POE Currency like the Mirror of Kalandra at the lowest price in the market, and they are all obtained by hand.

This way will save you more time and effort, resulting in a smoother progression for your Path of Exile.

POECurrency will continue to bring you what you need, not only information but also more services related to Path of Exile, so stay tuned.


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