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Path of Exile: How to Increase Voltaxic Sulphite?

Jul 13, 2022

Voltaxic Sulphite is a very important resource in Path of Exile, first introduced by Delve League. Players can use it to get from one location to another. It can significantly improve the quality of the map and is one of the points that players must pay attention to on the map.

Players must focus on The Atlas Region to obtain Voltaxic Sulphite, so players must activate the skill tree on the Atlas map. Because there is only one way to get Voltaxic Sulphite, and that is to collect it from Sulphite Deposits. But different factors affect the amount of Voltaxic Sulphite players find in Sulphite Deposits.

The following ways will increase the base amount of Voltaxic Sulphite:

1. Go to the Sulphite Deposits with a higher overall regional level to collect.

The degree of exploitation of Sulphite Deposits will be proportional to the regional grade. So players will need to look for Voltaxic Sulphite in such areas and mine them with Niko the Mad once found. The found Voltaxic Sulphite will be stored directly in Sulphite Storage.

2. Increase Voltaxic Sulphite profits with Sulphite Scarabs.

Scarabs are map fragments that yield varying percentages of Voltaxic Sulphite quantitative yields. Especially The Winged Sulphite Scarab, which brings a 100% Voltaxic Sulphite buff from Sulphite Deposits.

3. Improve Sulphite Storage.

Sulphite Storage is limited, so players can use Azurite on the Voltaxic Generator to expand space to increase mining efficiency. is dedicated to bringing support to your Path of Exile process, where you can buy POE Currency and get more information. We look forward to your visit.


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