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Path Of Exile: How To Make A Great Build?

The most fascinating and dazzling thing in PoE is the character Builds. You need to observe the passive tree with thousands of nodes, analyze the gear, and equip the skill gems.

So most players will first refer to the guide to make a build, which is wise for novices, because if you want to create a build yourself, you need to have a lot of game knowledge. So the following guides may help you to some extent if you want to design a build yourself.


Use Jewels

Jewels are items that can be socketed in passive skill trees, and they can be crafted. A good Jewel can bring you great benefits. In fact, every build in PoE will use some Jewels to improve offensive and defensive abilities. You can also use some Unique Jewels to enhance the behavior of the tree, and they allow further customization and the skill points efficiency.

Focus on a realistic character level

Many players will assume that their character has reached the upper limit of level, but it takes a lot of time and energy to reach level 100 in the game, which is not reachable by many players, so you'd better set the goal at level 85 or 90. It can ensure the feasibility of the build.

Add defensive layers

If you want to survive longer in the game, in addition to gaining 75% elemental resistance, you also need to get life nodes. Reaching 160% life is the beginning, and reaching 180%-200% life of the passive tree is the first choice.

However, the defense layer does not 100% guarantee that you can survive to the end of the game. Any build should focus on the right-hand portion of the tree that focuses on grabbing the Acrobatics keystone and other evasive dodge sources to avoid attacks. Summoners, Gladiators and those who use shields should get as much block as possible. The regeneration of life or energy shields is also invaluable.


Don't focus on all the best gear

Many players always want to equip their characters with the best gear when designing the builds, but they often ignore mirror-quality gear. So, you need to focus on purchase, farming or crafting, you can refer to other build guides, which will help you to better understand this type of build.

Don't use overmuch uniques

Uniques can provide you with unexpected benefits. Of course, you need to pay a price. Usually is in the form of defense. Using too many Uniques will cap the resistance. As a result, it will be more difficult for you to obtain high life and energy pool, and it will be more difficult to upgrade your character. Some good builds may not have this effect, but that is because that build is used for a lot of aura effect scaling or mirror-tier gear.

So remember, not the best gears will make up the best build, and the best build requires the most suitable gears. So we never think that POE is a pay-to-win game. Just buying the most expensive equipment in the game will not make you stronger. You need to keep thinking and try to find the most suitable one. Great builds can make your character more perfect. So the best equipment is not the most important thing in the game, your thoughts are the most important! will also provide as useful guides as possible, hope these guides will make your game process more smoothly, if you need to buy POE Currency, you can also buy it on

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