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Path of Exile: Kalandra League mechanics explained

Aug 12, 2022

Information on Path of Exile's latest 3.19 expansion, Lake of Kalandra, has been on the minds of fans, and we've finally seen the patch note and first trailer.

When it comes to Kalandra, we tend to think of the most valuable Mirror of Kalandra in Path of Exile, which can bring the effect of replicating player-created items. 3.19 Lake of Kalandra seems to revolve around this particular item, bringing us new mechanics for Challenge Leagues, class balance and endgame improvements.

For players keen to compete in Challenge Leagues, it is important to master the mechanics of the game ahead of time. So about 3.19 Kalandra Challenge League, you need to have a basic understanding.

1. Basic mechanism

Similar to 3.18, the 3.19 Challenge League contains 40 challenges, and players can also choose from different modes of the Kalandra Challenge League, including Standard, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variations of the Lake of Kalandra challenge league available.

The Challenge League will take place on Lake of Kalandra, a reflective mirrored lake that reflects all encounters from elsewhere in Wraeclast that will appear on the mirrored surface when exploring.

Many pillars will be raised above the lake, creating a flat surface for easy movement. Players can build a custom set of encounters on this plane, and it will be reflected in any layout you want, and in those reflections, players will see the encounters they have to defeat the next time they head to the lake.

2. Special abilities

As the Kalandra Challenge League progresses, players will be able to unlock special abilities to manipulate options on each plane. Players have the freedom to choose or give up.

3. League Rewards

In addition to the usual POE Currency, the 3.19 Kalandra Challenge League also offers a variant of obtaining rare jewelry, similar to Mirror of Kalandra, but also through reflection, players will get a mirror copy.

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