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Path Of Exile: Patch 3.15.3 Adds New Options To Stop Item Renders Hidden By Item Filter

GGG recently released patch 3.15. This new update introduces a notable new option that stops items on the ground from rendering if they are hidden by your item filter.

This new feature is one of the things players have always wanted, especially those with large graphics cards that cannot handle a large amount of loot in certain activities, such as juiced-up delirium and blight maps.

Another improvement is that players who have purchased $60 or $90 supporter packs can now propagate weapon effects to their off-hand. To do this, you only need to equip the weapon effect on the main hand of the cosmetic panel.

For bug fixes, the patch has solved the problem that Heist Rogues are not being affected by the increased job speed modifiers. Rogues will not be stuck on the door from now on.

If you want to know whether Soul of the Brine King Pantheon Power is being bugged, then the answer is yes, it was, but not entirely. Only the part "You cannot be Frozen if you’ve been Frozen" does not work, but it is now fixed.


* Opening a Map with an “Area contains a Blight Encounter” Enchantment in an Atlas Region with the same Modifier on a Watchstone will no longer consume a charge of the Watchstones Modifier

* Updated the description on Blight Scarabs to clarify Areas contain a single Blight Encounter (multiple Blight Encounters per area were never possible)

Bug fixes

* Fixed a bug where Modifiers that granted the chance for Breach Splinters to drop as Breachstones instead were not working correctly for Breach Splinters dropped from Breach Bosses.

* Fixed a bug where Modifiers that granted the chance for Legion Splinters to drop as Legion Emblems instead could cause only a single Legion Emblem to drop.

* Fixed a bug where Heist Trinket that caused Orbs of Transmutation to drop as Regal Orbs would also have a chance to drop them as Orbs of Alchemy or Chaos Orbs.

Since some players expressed dissatisfaction with Expedition league, GGG has been trying its best to make up for it, wanting to improve the game experience. will track relevant information and update articles in time.

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