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Path Of Exile: Royale Will Be Live For 48 Hours, and Then Every Weekend Through The Expedition League

Breaking News! Path Of Exile: Royale is back. This Royale mode started in 2018, and now it is back in the game again and will go live for 48 hours. This mode will continue to appear in the new Expedition League of Path Of Exile over the weekends.

Royale is a battle royale mode set in the long-running action game. You can pick up loot, upgrade your skills and fight on an island specially designed for Royale. The 2021 version of this mode is more polished than the previous version.

The new version of Path Of Exile: Royale brings a custom version of the ridiculous skill tree of Path Of Exile, designed specifically for this mode. It is designed for fast and safe use, because it does not occupy your entire screen, so you can see your character, and there are more than 90 new skills. It is also class agnostic. In addition, GGG also specially reproduced some popular skills into low-level versions for Royale.

In the next few weeks, GGG will roll out this mode every weekend and fix any obvious balance issues during the week. If POE fans like this mode, the team will eventually add new features.

If you win Path Of Exile: Royale, then you will receive a feast and add it to a hideout in the game. Although this feast is cosmetic, as you win more games, its size and shape will grow.

In addition, GGG also announced the latest expansion of POE - Expedition. And a series of changes in the game include nearly 20 Skill and Support gems, a Flask rework, and new items. GGG will launch POE: Expedition on July 23.

The new Expedition expansion adds a new event, you can bomb the artifact sites to get gear. Commissioned by Kalguur, you will place traps along the ground to unearth loot and other artifacts. But these explosions also caused the ancient Kalguur to rise from their graves and fight back. You can also use explosives to blow up walls, find secrets, or get even better loot by unearthing treasure chests.

Once you have these artifacts, you can bargain with Kalguur to get more loot. You need to find a balance getting a deal without pissing of the NPC they’re trading with.

Now POE fans will be busy again, and the most attractive will always be the next League of POE. Now will frequently update the relevant news of POE to ensure that you can understand the relevant information in time.

And now you can prepare for the coming of the next league, you can buy POE Currency on to gain advantages when the Expedition League starts.

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