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Path Of Exile Scourge: The Detailed Introduction Of The Blood Crucible

The Path Of Exile Scourge league is in full swing. It introduces a new mechanic - the Blood Crucible. You can find it close to your inventory, and then you give it an item. After killing the enemies, you will be teleported into another realm, and it will be gradually upgraded.

You are about to participate in the act of blood sacrifices, and you need to complete this act by playing the game and killing the inhabitants of the island where you are destined to grind on. will introduce more specific information about this system.

The Scourge league will run for about 3 months, so now is the time to collect blood from the enemies you killed to make those boots shiny.

When you leave The Lioneye’s Watch, which is your first ‘town’ after beating the tutorial, you will be able to obtain Blood Crucible from The Last to Die and then equip it.

When you kill the enemies, you will get blood, and then you can enter another dimension, which will allow you to start more killings and all murders that happen in the world, you can earn more points to upgrade the items you choose.

Blood Crucible Skills

A new skill system has also been added to the Scourge league, which is fully linked with Blood Crucible. With it, you can upgrade Crucible itself to bring you more things in the game, just like absorbing more corruption to better upgrade your gear.

There are a total of 15 skills in the game that need to be upgraded, and each skill requires additional points, which means that a total of 63 points are required to maximize these skills. You can only unlock additional skills by dumping points to other skills, so to unlock the bottom row, you need to add 40 points before reaching them.

Since the new league has started, you can come to to find more POE guides in the days to come, and now you can come here to buy POE Scourge Currency. And the price is not fixed, it will change as the market price changes, so you can pay more attention to it. Once the POE Currency price on drops, you can take the opportunity to buy more, so that cheap POE Currency will be available.

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