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Path of Exile: Sentinel Boss Kill Event will start tomorrow

May 12, 2022

With less than two days left until the Sentinel League launch, Grinding Gear Games has launched a Boss Kill Event to celebrate this new upcoming challenge. Players can compete and earn unique rewards in Sentinel HC SSF mode by killing a new boss: Uber Pinnacle.

The rewards of this event are not limited to simple virtual items. Officials will give the top seven players who have completed all seven Uber Pinnacle Boss Encounters the opportunity to actually participate in the design of the game, and they will be able to work with the design team to create new Unique Items and Divination cards, which will be incorporated into Uber Among the drop prizes at Pinnacle Encounters. The seven lucky players will also receive Godslayer's Pride microtransaction amulet.

It is worth noting that different platforms will have their own separate prize pools. The winning player's prize on the PC side includes Godslayer's Pride microtransaction amulet and the opportunity to work with the design team; while on the Console side, only the first winner has the opportunity to participate in the design work, and the 2nd-5th player can get Godslayer's Pride microtransaction.

The official start time of the Sentinel Boss Kill Event is May 13th (PDT). I believe it must be very exciting to see the items you designed to appear in the game, and interested players must seize this opportunity. will continue to update the news of Path of Exile. At the same time, you can also buy POE Currency here. as an experienced third-party game service provider, POECurrency can provide you with the most cost-effective services. Welcome to contact us any time.


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