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Path Of Exile: Some Players Think The Resolve Mechanic Is Terrible

Dec 12, 2022

If you've played through the newly released Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum, you should have noticed a new resource called Resolve in this new expansion. This Resolve will accompany your game progress and will gradually decrease due to the impact of monsters and the surrounding environment.

*When you officially enter the Sanctum, you will find a map. On this map, you'll see many rooms and their rewards in sparse detail. Before you actually explore each room, you must plan carefully, because every mistake you make will weaken your Resolve.

*The Sanctum has four floors in total. If you're going to successfully run the Sanctum, you'll have to make sure to overcome the challenges and successfully navigate the four floors without depleting your Resolve. Once you run out of Resolve, it means that your Sanctuary run is over.

*Specifically, every room in the Sanctum holds an unknown secret. Some rooms contain ancient fountains, where you can rest and Resolve. But in some rooms, you will be cursed with afflictions. And as you go deeper and deeper into the Sanctum, you will suffer more and more Afflictions. If you lose all Resolve before ending the Sanctum run, you lose all bets.


However, the response from most players to the newly introduced Resolve was not very good. A player with the user name SunL4D2 described his dissatisfaction with the introduction of Resolve.

He said that when he heard the term "telegraphed attacks damage Resolve", he also made some careful planning in advance, including the avoidance of possible damage such as Shaper Slams or Die Beams. But when he got to the actual fight, he found that every unique mob in the Sanctum would reduce the character's Resolve. Even specific to each type of damage they unleash. That means, you have to dodge mobs all around you at all times. In addition, some special environment in the Sanctum will also cause the reduction of Resolve. What surprised him even more was that he originally thought that only unique monsters would take away Resolve, but in fact some attacks from random monsters would also cause Resolve to decrease.

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All of the above mentioned made him feel that GGG completely misunderstood "Roguelike". In his opinion, even with the introduction of Roguelike, some of the battles in Path of Exile should bring certain buffs to the players. For example, players can become stronger and stronger after defeating monsters. It's not just about debuffing the player and getting weaker and weaker like in the Sanctum.

roguelike dungeon

He even blames the "Resolve" mechanic for the reason that Sanctum is basically a Lab. He said that Resolve is directly affected by monster hits and the environment, while Sanctum has such influences everywhere. Even if he tried to use the Quicksilver flasks to supplement the status and try to finish the race as quickly as possible, it tried to end in failure. The main reason for this result is that his Resolve bar was exhausted. Because the Resolve mechanism is cumbersome and annoying, he even hopes that GGG can directly ignore this mechanism in the future.

However, there are still some players who are very supportive of the introduction of Resolve. This player said because people won't be able to simply end the whole mod with their boring hyper regen zdps builds like RF etc. So, in the long run, a proper balance build and knowledge about the pattern is required.

In my opinion, The Forbidden Sanctum has just been released, and a lot of content is still in the testing state, so it is very normal that the difficulty distribution of some content is not very reasonable. I believe that GGG will definitely make appropriate adjustments to Resolve based on the feedback from players.

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