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Path of Exile: The 3.18.0d Patch will bring monster modifiers adjustments

May 25, 2022

After Grinding Gear Games took the advice of the community and changed the effectiveness of the overly difficult Archnemesis Modifiers, more steps to improve the game's content are on the agenda. Yesterday, the official said that the 3.18.0d Patch will be deployed this week or early next week which is the second patch to be rolled out since Sentinel League was released two weeks ago.

The 3.18.0d Patch will modify some monster modifiers that provide immunity. On the whole, GGG weakens the immunity effect brought by these modifiers. For example, the immunity effect of Cold Ailments and Lightning Ailments brought by skills such as Frostweaver and Storm Strider has been reduced. At the same time, the damage taken by Effigy to the player has also been reduced. After the repair, the summoned statue will spawn at the player's location and are immune to damage for 2 seconds after linking to a player.

Not only that but new improvements will also be introduced. Players' character levels will no longer restrict sentries in the action area. Also updated the binding mode for controller inputs used to equip Sentinels.

In response to the bugs reported by players, the following fixes have also been made:

1. Fixed a bug that allowed Bow, Wand and Concoction Skills to be used with the Varunastra Unique equipped.

2. Fixed an issue where you could fail to obtain credit towards the Complete Encounters II challenge when completing an 8-mod Blight-Ravaged Map.

3. Fixed a bug where Kirac's "Slay the Beyond Boss" Atlas Mission could not be completed.

4. Fixed a bug where the size sliders in the Unique and Divination Card Stash Tabs were not working in Controller input mode.

5. Fixed a client crash that could occur when trying to enter The Control Blocks in Act 5.

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