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Path of Exile: The text bug is finally fixed after six years

I believe that many Path of Exile players has encountered a small error in the game, that is, some texts on the page will not be displayed clearly. From now on, this trouble will disappear. According to a report published by Grinding Gear Games, a UI programmer named Ben has fixed the "misplaced text" bug that has long plagued players. Even more shocking is that the fix came six years after the vulnerability existed.

This bug has been widespread in the game since June 2016, and players have reported it multiple times. This error manifests as text clumps together, overlaps, or has the wrong glyph. And this bug was introduced into the codebase on April 25, 2016, and released with Prophecy League in 2.3.0.

In the early days, when the production team first noticed the problem, it was difficult for them to find a way to reproduce the text misalignment on the server. This error only appeared randomly, so it was very difficult for the production team to trace the root cause of the problem, which leads them only made some speculative fixes at the time. And since this issue didn't have much impact on the overall experience of the game, it was reduced to a bug of low importance.

After Ben's constant attention to this issue, the bug was finally reproduced naturally by purposefully loading and unloading as many fonts as possible. And fundamental repair measures were taken. Now the text does not have any stacking and misalignment problems, and players will no longer be troubled by unclear font content.

Tracing the source is the basic attitude when the game encounters problems, and it is also the primary way to promote optimization. The process of Grinding Gear Games fixing this error can very well reflect the quality of a good game developer.

Although this fix will not bring major changes, it will bring new and old players a better Sentinel League experience. At the same time, POECurrency is also working hard to improve the game experience for players. You can buy POE Currency to advance your challenge process in Sentinel League. Welcome to place an order here anytime.

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