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Path Of Exile: Today Is Still For Q&A Part

Before January 4, 2021, the Heist Flashback Event will be in full swing. If you are a novice of Path of Exile, you should have various problems, because the mechanism of POE cannot be mastered in a short time, so we have screened some frequently asked questions, which may be encountered by most players. And gave the corresponding answer, I hope this article is helpful to you.

If I use Enduring Cry and a Life Flask at the same time, do the two HP boosts stack?

They'll stack. Recovery is an umbrella term for any gaining of life/mana/ES, with Regeneration being a particular subset of Recovery, and you can have arbitrarily large numbers of sources of each. What doesn't stack is multiples of the same source (e.g. two enduring cries, multiple life flasks), though believe flasks have a sort of queueing system´╝î which is a little different from general effect mechanics.

I'm thinking about bb/bf character for the next league. What's the difference between Chieftain and Trickster?

Trickster is going to layer on more defenses while sacrificing 0 damage output, and the ascendancy, in general, relying much less on gear than any other non-shadow class in the game. So if Trickster can get a minor balancing pass in 3.13, it must be perfect.

ChieftaIn kinda just does damage, to put it generally. It might be able to scale bb/bf to higher levels than the Trickster, but that isn't to say Trickster will fall behind on even the highest level content (100% delirium, Uber bosses, etc).

In short, in most cases, Trickster is more worthy of recommendation.

Are there any general rules to improve performance for PoE?

Getting a good SSD will probably be the biggest improvement you can make to your PoE experience; the game doesn't actively load all the things on the map, occasionally loading things as you engage them (or as calculations are done and such).

Beyond that, there really isn't too much you can do settings wise other than finding which setting, predictive or lockstep mode, plays better for you (predictive for high ping, lockstep for low).

I am doing heists with Nenet but she never brings a new rogue, is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. Nenet does not introduce you to any rogues. The links are:

Tibbs > Tullina > Nenet (you did this one already).

Karst > Huck > Niles > Vinderi > Gianna

Isla does not introduce you to anyone.

In short, I hope you can enjoy the final event before 3.13 is released. If these answers can make you go smoother in the game, that would be great.

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