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Path Of Exile: What Should You Be Aware Of About The Upcoming Release Of Ruthless Mode?

Dec 07, 2022

Recently, Grinding Gear Games unraveled the mystery of Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum via a livestream. This livestream specifically introduced what changes will occur in the new expansion and what new content will be ushered in. Among them, the new Ruthless game mode is the most concerned by players. Today, we will introduce this new mode in detail.

Ruthless Mode Overview

According to the stream, the new Ruthless mode will launch on December 9th alongside the Forbidden Sanctum expansion. The original intention of this mode is not to buff enemies to oblivion, but to reduce your power. Therefore, you will find that there are many additional character flags such as Solo Self-Found and Hardcore in this mode for you to challenge.

In this mode, although your stats will not be deliberately weakened, you will face more brutal problems. That is you will have a hard time finding items in this mode, especially magic, rare and unique items will have minimal drop rates. So, every new drop is very important to your game. At the same time, in this mode, gems and flasks will be restricted. This point is undoubtedly very much looking forward to for players who have been looking for a real hardcore experience.

The new Ruthless mode has been in development since last year. It was not until last month that it officially entered the Alpha test. As it stands, Grinding Gear Games is still refining the game mode, and we can expect it to be fully fleshed out in the coming weeks.

Managing Items Will Be More Important In Ruthless Mode

As we mentioned before, the item drop rate in Ruthless mode is very low. And these items are precisely the key to your power improvement. As such, every item you find in this mode is a massive upgrade to your gear.

Additionally, you will no longer be able to purchase items like Rings, Amulets, and Belts from vendors. Meanwhile, most league rewards are being tweaked to award items specific to that league only, as well as core items.

Ruthless mode

Although items are difficult to obtain, the Ruthless mode still implements item rarity bonuses. Therefore, if you want to make yourself powerful, you still have to find a way to earn your power. However, I would like to remind here that items like Divination Cards or Oni-Goroshi will not drop in this mode. However, you can still obtain some powerful items such as Atziri by defeating bosses. While this is a viable approach, Ruthless mode itself is still challenging. It will also be much more difficult for you to beat the bosses here.

Crafting aspects in The Ruthless mode have also been tweaked. Since Path of Exile 3.20 is designed to allow players to focus more on random drops than crafting, you'll find it difficult to craft your own items in this mode. Here are some aspects to restrict crafting:

1.The drop rate of crafting currency items has been reduced.

2. The rate at which you receive shards of crafting currency when vendoring items have been reduced.

3. Master crafting is not available. The crafting bench cannot be accessed and recipe plinths will be inaccessible.

4. Veiled Chaos Orbs, Orbs of Binding, Orbs of Dominance, Influenced Exalted Orbs and Awakener's Orbs will be inaccessible.

5. When an Influenced Item is reforged or the Influenced Mod is removed, its influence is lost.

6. Most vendor recipes are not available. A few new Ruthless-specific vendor recipes have been introduced.

From the above restrictions, we can also directly see that this mode is to allow players to focus on random drops to increase the difficulty of the game. 

The above is a brief introduction about the new Ruthless mode. Can't wait to experience this new mode? If you want to stand out in this mode, then using POE Currency is a good choice. With sufficient POE Currency, you can obtain better equipment and weapons, and kill monsters quickly. Overall, this is one of the best ways to help you speed up your game.


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