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Path Of Exile: What's The True Story Behind Wraeclast?

As a free-to-play game, POE not only has a huge and complex skill system, but its world view is also very attractive. Up to now, there are still many players who are very interested in the story behind Wraeclast, so the POE official also gave a corresponding explanation. I bet it will be very attractive if it is filmed in a TV series.

Does the PoE calendar match the real-world calendar?

The calendar used by the Eternal Empire is different from the calendar in real life. It has 7 days a week. In addition, there are 13 longer time spans, known as moons.

Each day of the week is named after the main components of existence as the Eternals believe them to be: Solaro, Lunaro, Fiero, Glacio, Galvano, Kaso, Sacrato.

The 13 moons each year are created to commemorate certain famous people.

Therefore, the calendar in the POE has no connection with the calendar in the real world.

Does the PoE world have 4 seasons like the real world?

Wraeclast will experience the changes of the seasons. When the leaves fall, which means the cool season is coming, that is, Derivi. Astrali is marked by the arrival of snow. Vivici is a symbol of the return of life, and Vitali means heat and sunshine. So the POE world also has four seasons, but the names of them are different from the real world's.

Did Veruso find the Ankh of Eternity?

Ankh of Eternity needs to be activated with Azmeri ritual. Therefore, it is speculated that when Veruso led Azmeri into their new territory, Vaal gave Veruso gifts, but Vaal has already integrated into the Azmeri culture, so it is more likely: the 3126 Vaal survivors of the Fall give it to Veruso!

Did the ancient Azmeri descend from the mountains alongside Veruso?

Yes, the bulk of them did! They established the Eternal Empire. But Azmeri in the Forest Encampment did not. They are also descendants of primitive culture.

Where did all the Virtue Gems come from?

All virtue gems come from the mines on Mount Veruso. Although this has not been confirmed yet, there are beasts under that mountain, and there are no traces of Virtue Gems in other parts of the world, so there is a certain connection between the two. The number of Virtue Gems currently in existence cannot be determined!

The story in POE is also huge and complicated. Although you will have a lot of questions in the game, it does not affect your game experience! If you are interested, you can take a look.

If you need to buy POE Currency, you can come to has updated the game guide as helpful as possible. As the trend of Heist gradually passes, and may update some news about the background of the game!

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