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Path of Exile will release 3.17.4 patch soon

The Grinding Gear Games team released the date for the 3.18 expansion on April 12, and they declared that the 3.17.4 patch will be released next week. Before the release, the production team showed us the content of the upcoming fixes and improvements. This small update mainly covers engine technology improvements, bug fixes, and controller support improvements.

First, the team further advanced the engine and technology. The patch adds a beta version of the new DirectX 12 renderer, which players can choose to test or not, and enhances the system's support for integrated graphics and improvements to texture streaming.

The second is the improvement of the controller, the controller has added an escape menu, players can manage their party in the input modes and send it to party members, and can be in the "Create Party" and "Public Parties" sections of the Find the new controller navigation in the Social Screen. At the same time, the team has also fixed a series of general bugs and fixed small problems on the screen and game programs. All these prove that the Grinding Gear Games team attaches great importance to players' feedback, and is constantly taking corresponding measures to create more refined game graphics and a smooth game experience for players.

It can be seen from the next updates that the team will pay more attention to the details of the game. It can be said that the 3.17.4 patch is also a preparation for the upcoming 3.18 expansion pack, which will be released in May 13th. The new expansion pack will be smaller in scope than the previous Siege of the Atlas, and will end the long-standing Archnemesis league for players.

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