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Path Of Exile: You Need To Make Some Preparations For The Scourge Expansion

Oct 11, 2021

POE Expedition will end on PC at 2 pm PDT on Monday, October 18th, so this is your last time to complete any unfinished challenges. On the consoles, the Expedition league will end when the 3.16 expansion will be released on October 27th PDT.

After the Expedition League ends, the 3.16 league will become available soon, so you can prepare for its arrival in advance. The exclusive Expedition Brimmed Hat will leave the store forever, if you haven’t got it yet, take the time to get it.

Make sure to tune in to the Livestream announcement of the Path Of Exile: Scourge expansion on Twitch at 8 pm (GMT+1) on October 14th. During the announcement, they will also announce a new set of supporter packs to replace the Ultimatum supporter pack. You need to ensure to grab the Sun and Crescent packs before they disappear.

Note that Twitch Drops will enable Livestream to obtain a set of Dragonfly Wings. However, due to recent issues with Twitch, you will need to relink your Twitch and Path Of Exile accounts to comply with Twitch Drop.

How to participate in Twitch Drops?

You only need to connect your POE account to Twitch, and watch Path Of Exile: Scourge Livestream or any POE Stream here for 45 minutes, then you can get Dragonfly Wings. Drops will be available from noon ODT until 6 pm PDT. This means that everyone who has watched POE Stream during this time can get this reward. 

When you have accumulated enough watch time to get your Dragonfly Wings, you need to redeem them from your Twitch inventory before they appear in the POE microtransactions list.

Once the Livestream starts, will also track related news and list some important content so that you can quickly know the relevant information.

Now Expedition is about to end, if you still have unfinished quests, then hurry up, now you can also buy POE Currency here, which can speed up your completion progress. Once the new league starts, will provide the corresponding POE Currency.


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