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POE 3.20: An Analysis Of How Rare The Voidborn Reliquary Key Really Is

Feb 10, 2023

The Voidborn Reliquary Key was added to Path of Exile 3.20 almost a month ago.

Now, a lot of people were asking me how rare it was and all I could say at the time was we don't yet know. We know it's pretty rare. We know it's more common than a Sacred Orb but we can't really say all that much more with certainty. However, this has changed a little bit now and we've got some evidence that shows it's about four times as rare as a Divine Orb.

However, there is a very important caveat that needs to be said that comes from GGG's FAQ on the Voidborn Reliquary. Each item is weighted based on its rarity but also that the drop rate of the overall key is balanced around what people select.

Here, I want to give you a couple of examples. But basically what happens is the more people that submit common uniques things like The Wasp Nest. The more of those keys that are in the pool, the more common the key overall will become. As a result the data that we have though is for the key as it currently exists.

POE Godsbow's Altas Tree

And this comes from testing that was done by Reddit user Godsbow. You can find his article to have a look. Godsbow ran this Atlas and did a high juicing strategy running Crimson Temple Tier 16 maps.

A quick note during editing that: Divine Orbs that dropped as a result of Altars have already been removed from this data. The thing that I find really interesting here though is that Godsbow's testing was about something entirely different and that's what makes it useful. When we're coming to find out how rare the Voidborn Reliquary Key is.

So, we're going to jump over to Godsbow spreadsheet. Fair Warning: this is going to be a little bit of a flashbang. You'll see a couple of things here. Firstly, Godsbow received 151 raw Divine Orbs and 35 Voidborn Reliquary Keys, so this means there's approximately one Reliquary Key dropping for every four and a third Divine Orbs.

Now, this is not an exact comparison. The reason for that is that this is still too small sample size to pin it down that tightly. What we can say with a reasonable degree of confidence is that the Rreliquary Key is rarer than three and a half times as rare as a Divine Orb and more common than five times as rare as a Divine Orb. But, where it is between 3.5 and 5 times as rare as the Divine Orb that's something that's going to take more testing to pin down more closely.

POE Fracturing Orb

The other thing that might be really interesting here is that you'll notice Godsbow looted 538 Fracturing Shards total. That includes Fracturing Orbs that dropped his entire orbs because they were upgraded by Harbinger Atlas Support and also in the same time looted just over 1,000 Ancient Orbs and that is of course picking up all of the Ancient Shards, as well.

So, it includes 20000 Ancient Shards, 538 Fracturing Shards. This is pretty compelling evidence that Fracturing Shards are about 40 times as rare as Ancient Orbs. This doesn't actually match my personal experience but my personal experience has been a small sample size and I have been quite unlucky when it comes to looting Fracturing Shards.

Godsbow's large sample size smooths out some of that luck factor that said he has not looted enough Mirror Shards that you can say anything appreciable about their rarity at all. Godsbow could have been lucky and be expected to get zero Mirror Shards or Godsbow would have been very unlucky and been expected to get five or six.

Either way, two is a quite plausible result but when it comes to getting 418 Shard drops and six outright orb drops that is enough of a sample size that you can tell that Ancient Orbs are approximately 40 times as common as Fracturing Orbs. Anyways, I'm gonna leave it there.

May you get the Voidborn Reliquary Key results that you deserve?


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