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POE 3.20 One Divine Challenge Series - Elemental Hit Deadeye

Mar 18, 2023

Welcome to the one Divine challenge series. Today’s build I will introduce is the Elemental Hit Deadeye. 

Intro & Gear Purchases

This one Divine challenge isn’t my original idea. I’ve seen other content creators do similar videos and to be honest, I love the videos. I find them very entertaining and I thought I’d just make my own contribution to the trend. So, here’s my take on a one Divine budget build showcase.

POE 3.20 One Divine Challenge Elemental Hit Deadeye

This build is the Elemental Hit Deadeye. It will be deviating from the more often seen variant, which involves a bow and today we’re going to go for the version where we use a wand instead.

Now, one of the new additions with POE 3.20 is the ability to obtain Combat Focus Viridian Jewels with a vendor recipe. This makes the build actually deterministic and accessible to set up in an SSF environment. So, the way you do that is you take some Elemental Hit jewels that have exactly 20 quality and then you sell them in a vendor recipe with various rings and they’ll give you different Combat Focus Viridian Jewels back, depending on which rings you sell along with those gems.

So, normally, your Elemental Hit will cycle through Fire, Lightning and Cold but when you take these Combat Focus Viridian Jewels, you can manipulate which damage types are coming out of your Elemental Hit when you use it and so we’re going to use Combat Focus Viridian Jewels that focus on only forcing our damage into fire damage.

POE Combat Focus Viridian Jewels

Now, combining that with Avatar of Fire that we get from our amulet. That’s going to stack a lot of flat damage on our gem and the elements will hit gem itself will carry with the damage that we just need to focus on giving and some gem levels.

After we pick up our gear, we’re just going to use the rest of our leftover POE Currency in my case. I think I had somewhere around 80 Chaos Orbs and just clean up your gear. And once you do that, you’ll be able to add quality, take Jewels and Orbs of Fusing and all that kind of stuff. 

Gear Recap & Gem Links

Make sure that you clean up your gear, grab your flasks and purchase whatever gems you need left to fill in your slots. 

This build is going to have one Elemental Hit set up in the chest for a single target with a Barrage Support and then it’s going to have a four link that shoots out eight chaining projectiles and that’s going to be our clear skill. Deadeye allows us multiple projectiles and free chaining with the ascendancy. So, that’s not going to be that much of an issue with our clarity at all.

Skill Tree 

And our skill tree here focuses on just efficient path and trying to pick up as much wand, buffs, elemental damage buffs, projectile buffs, etc in the area. We’re going to cap out our Spell Suppression, pick up some crit where we can and then also any of the relevant efficient life nodes that we can pick up in the area. We don’t need any Cluster Jewels because this is SSF viable. 


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