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Thoughts On Chaos Orb And Trade Quality Of Life In Path Of Exile 3.21

Mar 28, 2023

Now is the time to discuss Path of Exile. Today I will introduce Chaos Orb and trade quality of life in Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible League.

It’s going to be a different season than what we’re usually used to. They’re taking a different tack this time around, and the fourth day of the trailer release will be a live announcement. That means we’re potentially getting more information every day.

Anyway, the first piece of information we got was that Chaos Orb will stack to 20. And there may be additional changes to the stack size of various currency items. There’s a lot of discussion right now on Path of Exile Subreddit and elsewhere.

This will cause more wild swings in Divine Orb exchange rate over time. Some players have found that the price of Divine Orbs has increased from 200 Chaos to 300 Chaos in this league, and they believe that the limit of 600 Chaos Orb in inventory is the major factor causing the current status quo.

Poe Chaos Orb Stack Changes

Now I think there are people who sincerely believe that because it would create a speculative bubble to some extent. But I think it’s worth pointing out that Chaos Orbs have been dropping in value in recent leagues. So if we take a look at one of the most expensive items in Path of Exile, Mirror of Kalandra, and its trade value across multiple leagues, you can see something very interesting.

In the last couple of leagues, we can put the value of Mirror of Kalandra in terms of Chaos Orb. There are now exactly three leagues with Mirror of Kalandra over 100,000 Chaos Orbs. It’s also one of only three Mirror of Kalandra to exceed 100,000 Chaos Orbs, and it never exceeded 120,000 Chaos Orbs until the end of this league.

However, on January 31, Mirror of Kalandra broke the league record of 100,000 Chaos Orb for the first time. It then broke through 120,000 Chaos on February 26th, and even hit a staggering 150,000 Chaos Orb on March 19th.

Still, I don’t think this situation reflects Mirror of Kalandra’s rising intrinsic value. I think this is just the period when Mirror of Kalandra is objectively at its strongest.

Now this is due to a confluence of several events, and one of the key factors is that Kirac Mods are not as valuable in the current Atlas as they used to be. For example, Kirac offers Delirium for 10 Chaos on this alliance’s map, but it’s not nearly as used as you might expect. That’s because you can force Delirium Mirrors to spawn with very high chances, with or without Kirac Mods.

POE 3.21 Chaos Orb and Trade Quality Of Life

At the same time, the marginal utility of Kirac Mods is not that high. So They have less need for Chaos Orbs. Because it’s the powerful gamers who use the most Kirac Mods. So, it’s just more Chaos Orbs flowing through the economy, thus making them less valuable. That’s why Chaos Orbs are a little cheaper than they used to be.

But you will also find that Divine Orbs are a little rarer than Exalted Orbs in the past. Actually, Divine Orb and Exalted Orb have the same drop rate as dropping directly from monsters. However, there is no comparison between Divine Orb and Exalted Orb, which have many items added together.

For example, when you loot, you get Exalted Shards in various situations. You also earn Exalted Shards when you fight Harbinger monsters. You also earn Exalted Shards when you fight Atlas’ Conquerors and sell their gear. However, there are no Divine orbs equivalent here.

Divination Cards for Divine Orbs also have some, but not much impact. Because they can only be obtained from map bosses. So not affected by other events. The exchange rate of Divine Orb is driven by two primary factors: the decrease in the value of Chaos Orb and the increase in scarcity of POE Currency.

I don’t think Chaos Orb stack change will have any other impact on anything else in Path of Exile, other than being a pure quality of life change. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about Chaos Orb changes in Crucible League. Hope this helps you. Wish you a happy life.


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