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How To Level Your Caster Without Wand Craft in Path of Exile 3.21?

Apr 06, 2023

I want to quickly talk about Caster upgrade changes in Path of Exile 3.21, and why it's actually not that bad for us. And until you're able to find a vendor and craft a level 20 recipe, Caster's leveling up is still pretty smooth. Of course, unless you spot a Ritual rare wand at this point, you're pretty much set right back into Blood Aqueduct Maps.

However, we can go back to using the old methods on Crafting Bench that people used to use to do basically the same thing. So it's actually not as bad as we thought.

But until you get those recipes that I'm going to show you in levels 1 to 24, you'll find that you're a little weaker than before. Also, since we're losing Onslaught Gem, we're also getting new Wand Bases.

If you use these new Wand Bases to flat damage as your spells, you'll actually still take quite a bit of damage. For example, if you have Orb of Storms, Onslaught and adds Lightning. Right now you can only use Orb of Storms added Cold added Lightning. Because you can only add extra damage to those skills that you got Onslaught before. Its effects stay with you until you get these Recipes Crafting that I'm about to show you.

How To Level Your Caster Without Wand Craft

Up until Act 3, two of the scenes are very obvious and one of them is relatively hidden, which is why I want to talk about it. When your first Craft is in the devout Lunaris Temple Level 2, you'll have a hard time dodging Lightning damage from spells within it.

After you get through, you'll find that one of the hidden places that people never actually go to is actually in this side room. Here is a Recipes Crafting for flat fire dispels, which is also a big part of what I will be using to upgrade my Ignite Elementalist.

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Next will be Act 4. But mostly, I want to highlight these existing recipes, which do require four transmutes. It basically does the same thing as wand craft. So if you made a wand craft before Path of Exile 3.21, you'd get 14%-29% increased fire damage.

Now if I use the new Wand Bases from the next league. We have new spell aids that add 5%-13% more Fire damage to your spells, while Lightning and Cold damage are obviously the same.

Vortex Wand Crafting For Everyone

You may have more difficulty, at which point you may have to use a rare wand. You can use these plus four Transmutation crafts and you'll basically get the same thing. So if we add 12%-27% spells to level 1 Fire damage, adding the implied spells will have the same effect as the upgrade.

So we're basically just going back in time, and you can almost use that to go right back to the map, which is exactly what I'm going to do with my character. It does enough for you that you won't have any problems.

So feel free to use that stuff, or you can use Essences of Woe. Do the same craft on the new Wand Bases and it will still be functional. This method can often help you save a lot of time and POE Currency.

I just want to tell you that leveling is still fine, you may lose some time. But it's really no big deal in the grand scheme of things. It's going to work. Hope this helps you level your Caster without Wand Craft. Come and try it out.


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