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Are We Getting Archmage or Mana Buffs In The Incoming POE 3.21?

Mar 29, 2023

Today, I’ll talk about the second POE spoiler and to express some of my own thoughts.

Right now, I’m going to be talking about the unique gloves Stormseeker. they seem to be an energy shield mana hybrid item, which makes me wonder if Ivory Tower is getting any changes or is this finally the league of Mind Over Matter and Archmage Buffs.

POE 3.21 new unique Stormseeker

But gloves interact with the ailments: Chill and Shock. Chill slows enemy action speed whereas Shock increases their damage taken. It also interacts with leeching both energy shield and mana, meaning the clear intention here is some sort of lightning build where in Call Of the Brotherhood to convert to cold that happens to either use Ivory Tower so that your energy shield with some damage going over to mana or you’re spending a lot of mana, therefore you need to leech it. 

Maybe even you’re using mind over matter and energy shield as well. There’s a lot of possibilities here, but are they really strong enough to justify? It’s kind of hard to tell just in a vacuum. Right now, mana builds are fairly weak, to be honest, and while Mind Over Matter is still a decent defensive layer. It’s certainly not the best, so I don’t know if they’d see much use without any other changes.

However, one of the coolest things about Path of Exile is a POE Item doesn’t have to be good on release. If it’s not good right now, it could be good a month from now. When someone discovers a really interesting synergy with another item, people just generally forgot or it could be that three, six or nine months down the line. There’s a skill that’s reworked. Something new is added or a mechanical synergy that players weren’t aware of finally comes to the surface.

If you like discovering built-in Path of Exile, one of the funnest thought experiments I can think of is just going what if Stormseeker was good? How would I play it and why would I use it? 

POE Ivory Tower

Maybe I’m playing Storm Brand. I’m on either an Inquisitor or an Elementalist, both of which can get away with dealing with hybrid damage. I wanted to go low life, but didn’t want to wear shafts. So, instead, I’m Ivory Tower and because I have that big mana pool. Maybe I’m even doing some sort of Archmade shenanigans. Even though that’s kind of terrible right now, there is an Alt quality Archmage that converts half of a bonus from lightning over to cold. These are just some possibilities. It’s far from a build or far from a surety, but who knows? Stormseeker could be used this way at some point in the future.

To get the increased effect of Chill, you need to leech mana. To get the increased effect of Shock, you need to leech energy shield. And if you’re hitting fairly hard, both of these would be very effective to fully Chill and Shock bosses. Personally, this makes the Elementalist angle even more interesting to me because that way you can increase the effect of both Chill and Shock beyond its normal cap quite easily.

Plus, gaining the defensive benefits of unaffected by Chill and unaffected by Shock means as long as you’re able to consistently leech possibly with some sort of over leech effect, you’ll easily be able to make sure that you’re unaffected by two dangerous ailments. 

And since you’re unaffected, you can also trigger any sort of effect if it happens while you’re chilled or while you’re shocked. Immunity means the element doesn’t apply at all, whereas unaffected means that no negatives from the ailment apply, but any positives could. 


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