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How To Create A Storm Brand Inquisitor Build In Path Of Exile 3.21? - SSF Build Guide & Showcase

May 26, 2023

I’m back with another Path of Exile build, this time Storm Brand Inquisitor.

I played around with this build on Solo Self-Found. I didn’t use any unique, nor clusters, just a bunch of rare items and relatively easy to duplicate POE Crucible Items. So I also summed up some experiences about creating this build for you.

Storm Brand & Lightning Conduit

First, we’re going to discuss how this build uses 3 unique abilities. The first is Storm Brand in our 6 link, which is our primary source of damage. Then I also use Lightning Conduit for some extra damage.

Basically, how this build works is we use Storm Brand for the mapping. When you need some extra damage, you can spam your Lightning Conduit.

Because Storm Brand will shock the enemy and Lightning Conduit will do extra damage. Shocked the enemy, depending on the level of Shock or how many Shock effects you have, that’s how it works.

Path Of Exile: Lightning Conduit Elementalist

Galvanic Field

I’m also using a third skill, Galvanic Field. Right now I use this on Trigger Wand. You basically get this craft from Betrayal. So when you use a skill, you trigger a socket spell.

If you don’t have Trigger Craft, you may have to manually use Galvanic Field. This means this will be a 3 button build, which is not very convenient to play. So if you don’t have a Trigger Wand, you can skip using Galvanic Field.

The benefit of Galvanic Field is that it will provide additional damage. We also get some nice utility, like activating support for more Lightning damage, Power Charge on critical hits. Of course, you can also link it to Culling Strike.

Path Of Exile: Galvanic Field Elementalist

Righteous Fire

Also, we use Righteous Fire for extra spell damage since we have a fair amount of Regen, Life and Energy Shield. It rises every 4 seconds due to this node on the passive tree. But with our Flask, we can actually maintain the energy shield pretty well, especially Ruby Flask.

Gear Selection

Also, we have good armor, including Molten Shell. You can gain some Chaos Resistance in your gear. Since it’s Solo Self-Found, it’s possible to gain a lot of Chaos Resistance if you’re lucky.

Of course, look for Regen, Resistances, Strength. Strength is important because we are an Inquisitor and we also get crits for every point of Strength we have. We have a 100% crit chance, and our crits ignore enemy elemental resistances, which is why we chose Inquisitor.

Path Of Exile: Storm Brand Inquisitor High Rolled Invitations

You can also get some Suppression Mastery on passive trees. And with some Suppression rolls on your gear, you can get really high numbers. You can even choose a shield if you want. But I don’t think it’s necessary. Since taking damage while Solo Self-Found can be a bit harder, I utilized POE Currency to get Dual weapon, which is nice extra damage.

You can use Dual Wand or Dual Rune Daggers or Scepters and look for Lightning damage, Cast Speed, Critical Strike chance, Crit Multi, Spell damage. Make sure you have an open Suffix on your Wand so you can craft Trigger.

You can play this build in different ways, and this isn’t the only way to play it. You can also use Lightning Conduit as your primary damage and Storm Brand as more of a secondary skill. If you decide to play with it, I hope you enjoy this build.


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