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POE 3.21: Vengeance Cyclone Slayer Build Guide - Massive AoE & Damage

May 22, 2023

Vengeance is one of the only AOE skills that scales radius with melee strike range and for that reason, Atziri’s Disfavour is one of the best weapons you can use for it with its plus 10 weapon range.

But that’s not the only synergy here. The plus 30 quality of support gems is also huge. Pulverises Divergent quality gives one percent more damage per quality at the cost of less attack speed.

At level 20 with 50 quality, this gem gives 100% more damage, 35% AOE, and 40% less attack speed. However, Vengeance doesn’t really care about attack speed since it’s triggered. So, that’s a free 100% more damage.

Other notable mentions are Anomalous Melee Physical Damage, which gives some additional strike range and Anomalous Cast on Critical Strike, which gives 50% more damage. 

Now, Vengeance has a 30% chance to proc on getting hit in order to use it offensively. You’ll need to be able to hit yourself with some frequency. We accomplished this with the Eye of Innocence. Every time we inflict and ignite, we get hit with a bit of fire damage, like 18 after Fire Resistances. But each of those hits has a chance to proc Vengeance. With some fire damage on a high crit chance Cyclone, we can rapidly inflict ignites to consistently trigger Vengeance. 

POE 3.21 Vengeance Cyclone Slayer Build Guide - Massive AoE & Damage

And since we’re using a two-handed weapon, we can have another 6-Link for our Cyclone, which means we get the benefit of two 6-Link setups with only one button. As a result of constantly hitting ourselves, we’re able to use Cast On Damage Taken to automate stuff like Assassin’s Mark and Blood Rage for power and frenzy charges. We also take Inexorable on the tree for Endurance Charges.

Now, since we’re using Cyclone, we can use Enduring Focus on a medium cluster. But I tried it out and it kind of sucks ass. It only has a 25% chance to proc every second. So, on average, that’s like 4 seconds for one charge. And sometimes even if you’re channeling the whole time, which you aren’t, you can get a bit unlucky and the charges fall off and during composure on a Megalomaniac would be a much better option.

Additionally, we’re also able to get some damage reduction from the Pantheon since we’re constantly hitting ourselves this reduced damage taking place bulb with our other defensive layers like additional reduced physical damage from our body armor and endurance charges, actual armor with Molten Shell, high elemental resistances with some damage shifting, Fortify and crit and ailment immunity. 

Although my only regret with this build was not getting spell suppression, which makes Uber bosses way too sketchy. Getting a spell surppression cap would have taken some effort though since we’re on the bottom of the tree and we only have three rare slots for suppression. 

So, how are we scaling our damage? Since we’re using Atziri’s Disfavour, there are generally two ways you can go about it: Physical and Impale and Elemental Conversion. I went with Elemental Conversion and with such a hard-hitting skill like Vengeance. I thought Heatshiver was on the way to go.

POE Heatshiver

In my current setup, Vengeance has an average single hit of like 16 mil when fully buffed. That’s enough to keep Uber bosses perpetually Frozen for Heatshiver. You just need to cap your crit and convert all your physical damage to cold with Cold Mastery and Blight Clutches Vaal Gauntlets

The ascendancy I chose was Slayer. Because you can get access to Gladiators Painforged via Forbidden Jewels without having to be a Gladiator. Slayer’s overwhelm also overrides its favors abysmal crit chance and impact gives a ton of AOE. 

My Lethal Pride is giving some physical taken as fire and crit chance as well as a bit of strength for Gladiator Plate. And there’s a bit of double damage on it, too. But that only affects Cyclone since our counter-attacks are already doing double damage thanks to Painforged.

On a Watcher’s Eye, I’m getting some crit damage reduction, which is enough to cap it with the armor and Critical Mastery and Hatred crit. The Imbalanced Guard and Impossible Escape I’m using is really nice, but a much cheaper alternative would be unwavering stance. You miss out on one max resistance and some armor. But you get Martial Experience, which is not bad. 

POE Lethal Pride

So, Vengeance cooldown and Elemental Penetration are no-brainers for enchants. But the glove enchant surprisingly actually does something in this build. Higher when hit props off of our self hits, so we can reliably proc it ourselves. It makes a copy of your weapon that continuously hits in an area these extra hits can ignite, which will marginally help with less Vengeance procreate.

The ultra chimplesets in this build are also super important. You need at least 60% phiscal damage to cold on your gloves. Usually, you’ll get like 30 something as a Veiled prefix and 30 as an elder gymplicit. You’ll need to use Orbs of Conflict to get your implicit up to 30. 

Now, if you get a perfect 35% unveil, then you’ll only need 25% as an implicit. On boots, you need some ailment avoidance just enough to get 100%. I have too much. And Brittle Ground will almost always get value since we’re playing Cyclone. 

On body armor, the most important thing is plus two to all res. Again, you’ll need to use Orbs of Conflict for that. The other implicit can just be increased effect for a useful aura.

Either a 2120 or a 2023 Infused Channelling is highly recommended. The extra level or quality reduces the time required to gain the infusion buff by an extra like 15%. A level 21 gem gives one percent more damage, but it also has a slightly higher end requirement. By the way, if you want to level up your gems, then you need to prepare a lot of POE Currency.

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You’ll need 114 Int. That’s two good in rolls on gear. You can also get some on your clusters if you need. If you need some more unreserved Mana for your triggered Assassin’s Mark and Molten Shell, you can take the Life Mastery that converts some Mana cost to life. And if you need some reservation efficiency, the Mana Mastery in revelry is only three points.

By the way, we get Mana Leech from a Divergent Elemental Damage With Attacks gem. Feel free to pick up leech on the tree instead, then you can fit in Brutal Infamy on your large clusters. You need Martial Prowess for the accuracy though. If you need some extra accuracy against bosses, then you can get some blind chance on your Abyss Jewel.


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