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How About Crafting The Outstanding Tools Of Ultimatum Unique Build In POE 3.22? - Relic Of The Pact

Aug 02, 2023

Every time a new POE league arrives, new tools emerge. These tools change the way we use existing items in Relic of the Pact.

They originally added these tools in patch 3.14. Recently, it has regained widespread attention. In the current league, about two out of every thousand senior characters are running builds based on Relic of the Pact. So it is crucial to create an optimal Relic of the Pact.

POE: How About Crafting The Outstanding Tools Of Ultimatum Unique Build? - Relic Of The Pact

Honored Tattoo Of The Hatungo

Now this Wand has some pretty complex mechanics, and it also has Honored Tattoo of the Hatungo. You can stack multiples on your passive tree. It will override the small attribute passive skills on the passive tree, while it increases the skill retention efficiency by 1%. This is both mana reservation efficiency and life reservation efficiency.

Life reservation efficiency is especially interesting in Relic of the Pact. However, it might change the way people build that items, and it might lead to some new builds around it.

Path of Exile: Honored Tattoo Of The Hatungo

Mechanics Of Relic Of The Pact & Blood Sacrament

So how does Relic of the Pact work? This Wand can give you a skill called Blood Sacrament. You can’t get this skill any other way, and it’s powerful.

There are also some pretty complicated mechanics when you cast it. It’s like accumulating Flameblast. It slowly keeps more and more of your life until you release charge. When you release the charge, it explodes and does a lot of damage.

It’s also the only skill in POE where you actively want to increase your pre-order. Therefore, each phase of Blood Sacrament requires a base cast time of 200 MS to channel. The biggest difference between it and Flameblast is that the number of stages of Flameblast is an important statistic for Blood Sacrament skills.

Blood Sacrament ability scales absurdly with your life. You’ll reserve 40% of your crit damage for Ailment. Your on-hit damage is increased by 80 for every 10 health remaining in the skill. If you keep 80% of your total health pool, you can easily get Kaom’s Heart, Dissolution of the Flesh, and many other POE Items that provide health.

You’ll get a hefty amount of Life Leech Support, backing any skill that hits an enemy, making those hits life leech based on the damage done. The specifics may vary. It will depend on whether they are converting damage and many other factors.

Path of Exile: Mechanics Of Relic Of The Pact & Blood Sacrament

New Options Honored Tattoo Of The Hatungo Provide

But if you are willing to sacrifice a little of the convenience of this skill and are willing to spend more POE Currency for the tremendous bonus of doing more damage. Then, you have a new option for Relic of the Pact.

You can choose not to use Second Wind Support. It provides no functionality and you can replace it with different Support Gems that only provide damage. Once this is done, you can fine-tune your life reservation efficiency by using Honored Tattoo of the Hatungo.

Path of Exile: Second Wind Support

Solving Old Relic Builds’ Biggest Weakness

But if you really need a devastating blow, you can always choose this method. It doesn’t do much damage, but it might be enough to get you out of trouble for a couple of seconds. This tool also does more high-end damage if you need to do absolutely massive damage.

Ultimately, it will come down to a balancing act. Here, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little raw power for some versatility. Maybe Honored Tattoo of the Hatungo is just what you need in order to take Relic of the Pact further than before.


One last thing is very important, please don’t try a building that is rely on Relic of the Pact at the beginning of the alliance. Since it has a 20% drop rate, it can only come from Trialmasters in Ultimatum league. This is something that is difficult to acquire on day one.

So, early in the league, there are very few aspects of Ultimatum available for trade. So this Relic of the Pact may drop. Make sure you have a plan for them. That’s all I got. Hope you get interesting results too.


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