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How To Create An Insane Barrage Pathfinder Build In POE 3.22? - Immortal Bow Build Returns

Sep 25, 2023

You may not often hear bow build and tankiness together because they are usually incompatible. But we have tattoos in POE 3.22, and Barrage Pathfinder build might change your mind on that. Let’s take a look at how this build can deal decent damage while still being tanky.

Single Target

First, our single target skill is Barrage. The propagation of this attack is random. That’s why I stand near the boss so that all projectiles hit the same target.

We use Phantasmal Gems from Alternate Quality. This helps us add brittle, scroch and sapped effects to the boss. This way we can easily hit 3% or 4% brittle or which is an enormous increase in critical chance.

POE 3.22: How To Create An Insane Barrage Pathfinder Build?

Clear Skills

Our clear skills are Lightning Arrow. You attack with the bow, and when it hits an enemy, it casts a bolt of lightning that can hit 3 nearby enemies. Making this skill very useful for map clearing. Of course, if you like Ice Shot, you can use it too.

Damage Scaling

To deal higher brittle and any other effects, you need the double damage mod. I put 30% on my weapon and then use Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel, which is a 10% chance of doing double damage. Combined with Alternate Quality Barrage, it makes a delightful combination.

There are 4 curses we can use in this build. Our curse limit is equal to our maximum energy expenditure. Each character can have 3 powers, but we can get additional powers from trees, so our curse limit is 4.

POE: Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel Double Damage

I will use all damage curses. Since our damage isn’t just lightning, we can also deal with a ton of cold and fire damage. So the curses we use are as follows: Elemental Weakness, Conductivity and Flammability. We use an Arcanist Brand to apply all these curses. We can even use Sniper’s Mark to further increase the damage.

Interrogation unique gems are very cheap in this league, only costing about 8 Chaos Orbs. So I put in this gem and it added Secrets of Suffering Keystone.

These skills are almost free, and we only need to spend a small amount of POE Currency to trigger Inspiration Charge. We also have Divine Blessing Support. The aura we’re using in this setup is Hatred since I use a lot of cold damage tattoos.

Barrage Pathfinder build focuses on very cheap tattoos. We used 19 tattoos in this build, and they gave us a massive damage and brittle boost.

Secondary Damage

We also have access to secondary sources of damage, Ballistas and Barrages. They will help cause high brittle scratches and sapped targets. And the build is very flask efficient so we can scale over 100% extra movement speed. Overall, this build is fast and decent for this level of tanking.

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Let’s start with my favorite part on defense. We have Elemental Ailment Immunity because we use a unique gem, Ancestral Vision. Spell Suppression also applies to the chance of avoiding Elemental Ailment, accounting for half its value. The rest comes from skill trees, Boots Implicit and single crafting.

Another best thing about this build is that we’re converting almost all physical damage to elemental damage. So we can use all elemental damage reduction Ruby Flask, Sapphire Flask, Topaz Flask and Taste of Hate. This way, we can reduce the damage taken when converting from physical damage to elemental damage.

POE: Master Surgeon

Plus, we get baffling recovery from ascendancy. Because we use Pathfinder, we can use a Master Surgeon node. This keeps our Life Flasks active even when our lives are maxed out.


Next, I want to talk about some important POE Items needed in this build. For your weapons to have high elemental damage and attack speed, it’s important to get a high elemental DPS weapon with attack speed. If you don’t have the accuracy rating for this, you’ll have to fill in the rest with other gear.

POE: Anathema Unique Ring

Also, there are 3 unique items used in the build. First, Lightning Coil can reduce physical damage. Next, with this Anathema we have 4 curses at our disposal in the build which also gives us intelligence and a bit of energy shield. And Hyrri’s Truth can use multi-crits and level 30 accuracy, helping us get 100% accuracy and provide a lot of critical hits.

Passive Tree

Finally, I want to highlight some things you need to build on a passive tree. We’ll be using eight passive skills, including Arcing Shot, Calamitous and Smite the Weak. Two Medium Cluster Jewels, with Repeater and Streamlined. Finally, there is Small Cluster Jewel, Interrogation.

POE 3.22: Passive Tree Preview

It’s worth mentioning that our maximum life on Charisma node has been increased. Watcher’s Eye increases attack damage and is affected by accuracy. We’re still using physical damage as lightning damage, while being affected by Purity of Lightning, and improving global accuracy.

That’s all for this Barrage Pathfinder build. I’d like to know your thoughts on this build and if it works for you. Have a nice day.


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