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How To Create Corrupting Fever Champion Kinetic Blast In POE 3.22? - The Best Mapper & Boss Killer Ever

Nov 14, 2023

Corrupting Fever Champion is a top-tier map blasting build in POE 3.22 that focuses on speed, explosion, and survivability.

With the ability to fire Kinetic Blast from Wand at hordes of enemies and apply Corrupting Fever stacks, this build is capable of clearing the map with ease. With this guide, you should have a higher level understanding of this Corrupting Fever Champion Kinetic Blast build.


Champion Ascendancy was chosen because it provides the best defense in the game. It also gives you very powerful damage through Adrenaline and Aura effects. Combined with the life cost of Corrupting Fever, your Adrenaline reaches 100% uptime.

If you have enough POE Currency budget, Fourth Vow and Divine Flesh are essential for this build. They provide your Champion with an incredible way to mitigate both elemental and physical damage. When half of your elemental damage is converted to Chaos, you remove half of the elemental penetration power against you.

With Fourth Vow, you can also largely mitigate half of Chaos damage you take with a lot of armor. For the remaining 50% of elemental damage, you can also mitigate it further with a slightly increased maximum resistance and 20 layers of defense.

POE 3.22: Champion Corrupting Fever Kinetic Blast Build

How To Scale Damage?

The only reason this build has a chance of causing bleeding is if it uses Haemophilia. These gloves cause bleeding enemies to explode, which significantly increases our clearing speed once we reach the red map.

Rare monsters will often appear in groups, and these random weaker monsters will explode, killing the rare monsters faster.

Corrupting Fever and Reap will cause physical damage over time, but will not bleed. Bleed is only applied through attacks, and while it inflicts physical DoTs, not all physical DoTs bleed.

We can also take advantage of Spiritual Aid and combine it with some increased minion damage to amplify its damage even further. This is because DOT spells on the passive tree have very few sources of increased physical damage. This allows us to easily increase the damage before cluster jewels and after swapping Poet's Pen for the rare Wand.

POE 3.22: Haemophilia


When playing Corrupting Fever Champion, you can target some large monster packs to fire a Kinetic Blast and apply Corrupted Blood debuff to deal extra bleed damage to enemies.

Additionally, when casting Explosion it will trigger your Haemophilia or Gratuitous Violence. Corrupting Fever reactivates every 20 seconds, bringing your health below 50% and granting Adrenaline accordingly.

By applying your Corrupted Blood debuff to enemies via Kinetic Blast, you can quickly apply Shield Charge and Frostblink to the next group of monsters.

For Pinnacle Bosses, you can also use Storm Brand to apply Corrupted Blood debuff stacks to enemies, and Frenzy for Frenzy Charges. Then don't forget to use your Vaal Reap and spam Reap to keep your Blood Charge stacked for maximum damage.

POE 3.22: Corrupting Fever Kinetic Blast Champion Playstyle

Skill Gems

For this setup, when you do Pinnacle Boss quest, you must swap Frenzy for Anomalous Kinetic Blast. Because Anomalous Kinetic Blast can get 2 Pierce Support Gems for free.

Gear Settings

For this Corrupting Fever Champion Endgame build, I recommend you use the rare Wand instead of Poet's Pen. This is because Self-Cast Reap combined with Corrupting Fever can deal higher damage with the rare Wand.

Luckily, all the gear in this build is craftable. But since the gearing is so tight, you shouldn't skimp too much on each piece of gear or you won't be able to supply your drag needs.

If you can't afford Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh, you'll have to use Haemophilia. You can then skip Essence of Delirium Rings and get the resistances and stats you need instead.

Forbidden Jewels allow you to gain 3 additional build suffixes. This in turn makes getting your gear easier. Because your intelligence is higher, it means you can open more Wand Bases that you can use.

POE 3.22: Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh


After following this guide, you'll have a great map clearing build. Mastering this build can help you farm some of the most profitable map content in the game while generating tons of POE currency.

You'll have no problem farming all map content and even fight Endgame bosses with huge max resistance and mitigation capabilities. Just wave your Wand and the monsters on the screen will disappear under your Corrupting Fever.


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