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How To Farm Blight Atlas At The Start Of POE 3.22 League? - Tactics & Tips

Aug 18, 2023

Today I’m going to talk about my Blight Atlas farming strategy for POE 3.22 league. When I played my previous build, Artillery Ballista, I really enjoyed running Blight. Since I’m going to be doing leagues with Totem builds this time around, I thought it might be a good idea to go with this Blight Atlas farming strategy. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Atlas Skill Tree

This is my planned Atlas Skill Tree. I grab all Blight nodes. In POE 3.22, Blight should get even better with the introduction of Cassia’s Pride.

POE 3.22 Blight Atlas Strategy - A Guide To Progressing Your Atlas Tree Towards Blight!

By taking this action, Blight Towers and Minions deal 300% more damage. Blight Monsters take 75% less damage from players and their Minions. This is great if you’re doing moderate damage and are struggling to finish Blight mechanic. A 300% damage increase sounds too much to miss.

How To Make Profits?

I ran some maps and did some testing, and Blight is indeed very profitable. Blight gives a lot, including Divination cards, Currency Items, Scarabs and Essences. You can easily sell these POE Items and get the resources you need to build.

POE: Atlas Skill Tree

Anointed Jewelry & Oil Extractor

However, I feel that when making regular maps, the most profitable aspects of the strategy come from these two nodes: Distilled Fungus and Blightspawn. Distilled Fungus will drop additional Anointed Jewelry at Blight pump. And Blightspawn will cause more Oil Extractor to drop. What Oil Extractor does is destroy Anointed Jewelry to recover one oil used to apply the anointing.

These are Anointed Jewelries I collected from Blight mechanics while drawing the map. What I did is, checked out the oils used for anoint these Jewelries.

Take Amulet as an example, because the oils required for this anointment are Golden Oil and Indigo Oil. So, when you use Oil Extractor on this Amulet, you destroy Amulet and have a 50% chance to restore Golden Oil. Therefore, I only use Oil Extractor on Jewelry where there is an opportunity to recycle Golden Oil for maximum profit.

POE: Anointed Jewellery

Blighted Maps And Map Anointments

You can get Blighted Maps by running Blights on a regular map. Running Blighted Maps also got me a ton of POE Currency. When I’m low on Currency, I look for cheap Anointment options for my maps and rings.

Early on, I just used Clear Oil, Sepia Oil, Amber Oil for Blighted Maps, which helped with the cleanup. Then, when I have more POE Currency, I’ll start using Azure Oil or Crimson Oil to increase the rewards.

POE 3.22: How To Farm Blighted Maps?

Ring Anointment

I’m currently using these Anointments for my rings. This combination is very important to ensure that your Blighted Maps never fail. However, Chilling Tower Anointment is a little expensive as it requires additional Opalescent Oil and Silver Oil.

So, until I had enough POE Currency to apply Chilling Tower Anointment, I chose Empowering Tower. For what it costs, Empowering Tower is pretty good. But if most of Blighted Bosses are resistant to Seismic Tower, then there’s a good chance you’ll fail on Blighted Maps.

Therefore, when we make Blighted Maps, the best way is to set Seismic Tower, Chilling Tower and Meteor Tower, and put them in the range of Empowering Tower.

POE 3.22: Blight Tower

At the start of the league, when you don’t have a lot of damage yet, if Blighted Boss is resistant to Seismic Tower. But you don’t have Chilling Tower Anointment to freeze them. Then you most likely don’t have enough damage to kill them before they reach Blight pump.

Alternatively, you can also try the “monsters cannot be stunned” mode to avoid re-scrolling Blighted Map. Because it was so hard to make those maps early on.

That’s all about my farming Blight Atlas in POE 3.22 League, plus the tips and hints you need to know. Hope this guide helps you get more useful resources on Blighted Maps. Good luck.


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