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How To Make Chaos Blazing Salvo Totem Hierophant Build With Extremely Low Budget In POE 3.22?

Aug 19, 2023

In today’s guide I’ll show you my POE 3.22 league starter build, Chaos Blazing Salvo Totem Hierophant build, dual wielding Consuming Dark Dagger.

This Dagger can convert 30% of Fire damage into Chaos damage. By dual wielding it, we can convert 60% of Fire damage to Chaos damage. For this, I decided to run a Totem Hierophant build. This build is fantastic for leveling. I could easily clear the level 16 map with a budget of less than 20 Chaos Orbs.

POE 3.22 Totem Hierophant Build

Pros & Cons

In addition to being extremely cheap and having decent damage as a league starter build, this build is also very beginner friendly. There’s nothing too complicated about the mechanics of this build, so anyone can easily follow this guide.

This build allows you to always stay on the move. You can run around avoiding enemies while occasionally dropping a Totem

The downside of this build is also pretty obvious, you can’t deal damage yourself, all damage comes from your Totem. Meanwhile, this build has very little evasion and no spell suppression.

POE: Scold's Bridle & The Consuming Dark

Gear Setup

In addition to converting our damage into Chaos damage, Consuming Dark Dagger also provides a massive damage boost. The price of this Dagger at the start of Crucible league was a Chaos Orb, and I expect it to stay the same for the next league.

For body armor, I’m using Soul Mantle. It’s the best slot in any Spell Totem build. Unless you’re playing something like Shockwave Totem with built-in Spell Totem Support.

The downside of Soul Mantle is that when your Totem dies, you’re affected by random spells. But that’s okay, because we’ll turn that shortcoming into a positive. I’ll get to that later.

Kikazaru is a must have for this build, as it reduces the effect of curses on you by 60%. The ring also provides some health and mana regeneration, which is great for this build.

The helmet I use is Mindspiral, which should cost around one Chaos Orb at the start of the league. The main reason I use this helmet is the huge mana and mana regen.

POE: Mind Over Matter Keystone

I chose Mind Over Matter Keystone on the passive skill tree, so whenever I get hit, 40% of the damage is deducted from mana before draining life. Unless we were fatally hit or stood for a long time, we rarely died. We just need to leave after being hit, and I will restore our health and mana to full.

Therefore, this helmet is very important for mana maintenance, because it allows us to restore some damage taken as mana. By using this helmet, we also gain a portion of mana as an additional energy shield.

Because this build accumulates a lot of manas. I inserted a despair curse on the hit ring. But the ring isn’t mandatory. You can still self cast Despair or link it to Arcanist Brand. It’s just slower at mapping. The rest of my gear was something I found myself to limit my resistance and get the flexibility I needed for this build.

Flask Setup

My Flask is nothing special. Diamond Flask for damage, Granite Flask for more armor, Silver Flask for increased casting speed and movement speed. Also, my Flask’s duration is increased, but it’s not required.

Gem Setup

Here is my Gem setup for Blazing Salvo Totem. It’s a 4-Link, but since we’re using Soul Mantle, our setup here is a 5-Link.

It requires multiple Spell Totem Support, otherwise we would end up with only 3 Totems. Because we can’t use a shield with a Totem mod. We can associate Zealotry with Eternal Blessing Support. This way we don’t have to keep any mana and can free up our mana pools for Mind Over Matter mechanic.

POE: Chaos Blazing Salvo Totem Hierophant Gem Setup

Wither increases Chaos damage enemies take and is tied to faster casting to apply as many Wither stacks as possible. I only cast this ability when facing tank rarities or bosses.

We tied Flame Dash to low level Arcane Surge Support to trigger Arcane Surge as often as possible. Stone Golem can restore some health and Whirling Blades. We have to use Whirling Blades, as Shield Charge is not available with this build. However, I’m so used to using Flame Dash that I rarely use Whirling Blades. I’m just putting this setup here for those who prefer movement skills other than Flame Dash.

Ascendancy Class

Continuing with my Ascendancy, we chose Hierophant because it’s Ascendancy that specializes in Totem. It provides a totem, lots of damage and mana, and some defense.

Self-Flagellation Jewel Turns Curse Into Advantage

As for my Jewel, Self-Flagellation is mandatory for this build. This should cause some confusion at the start of the league, but it’s totally worth it since it gives us a huge damage boost.

When playing this build we were getting 8-9 curses most of the time, so we were often taking up to 180% damage. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to use POE Currency to get a Self-Flagellation in advance. Curses are now 120% less effective on us, making us immune to curses unless enemies have increased effects of curses.

POE: Self-Flagellation Jewel


I get all the nodes here and go out from here to get this health and damage nodes. I only get Totem node after Totem is full. For my gem progression, I’ve been leveling with Flame Wall and Blazing Salvo Totem before I get to the full Totem.

This is Chaos Blazing Salvo Totem Hierophant build I made on a tiny budget in POE 3.22 league. Hope this guide helps you understand the basic mechanics of how this Totem Hierophant build works. See you in the game.


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