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How To Make A Gorgon’s Gaze Build With High Movement Speed In POE 3.22?

Nov 23, 2023

Today I’m going to review TOTA build I used to climb 2K. This is a Gorgon’s Gaze build that casts Petrification Statue by using Gorgon’s Gaze Regicide Mask.

It allows you to get the last totem easily. You can petrify your boss after taking all other totems. You can then also use Void Sphere as your fundamental skill to move enemies and push them away. Therefore, they call this way of building the “cheese build.”

Since this build doesn’t do any damage, it just applies some really powerful curses to these enemies to slow them down and prevent them from getting to you. When you take away their totem, you can replace your enemies and place them somewhere else so they don’t get in your way.

How To Make A Gorgon’s Gaze Build With High Movement Speed In POE 3.22?

Skill Tree

For the skill tree, we’re mainly looking to buff the spell suppression skill’s effect duration and spell blocking, but we’re also taking some jewels. Because we have Siege, coupled with Kineticism Keystone, this allows us to place curses on enemies as we attack and knock them back. This way, we can push enemies away and slow them down even more than the curses we’re already using.

We also ran a Watcher’s Eye. When we use Might of the Meek, we can take advantage of the small passives in the center of the passive tree, such as increased effect range, skill effect duration, and retention. This way, we can maximize the duration of Void Sphere so that our build has extra coverage.

Path of Exile 3.22: Gorgon’s Gaze Build Skill Tree


We also invested in POE Currency to roll Keystone. Among them, Mage Bane is our first choice so that we can get some bonuses.

And we don’t need agility bonuses for the evasion generation. Because we can easily stack Evasion on the build and reach Evasion cap easily.

Then we have Acrobatics, which allows us to transfer suppression into spell dodge so we can dodge attacks. Because the entire purpose of building this layer of defense is to evade all attacks. That’s why we have Max Block, Max Spell Block, Max Spell Dodge, and Max Dodge.

We also used Chaos Inoculation so we could take our energy shield and use it for Eldritch Battery. In this way, our Ensnaring Arrow can have a higher hit rate, and the skill effect duration on the node will also be higher.

Path of Exile: Chaos Inoculation


The skills for this build are simple, we’re just running some auras.

We ran Grace, Haste and Defiance Banner. This way we can maximize our dodge chances to a cap of 95%. And we also run Dash to increase our mobility so we can run around talking to all NPCs as fast as possible.

Then we also have Temporal Chains for Blasphemy Support and Enhance Support. This way we always have a giant AOE Temporal Chains around us. So as long as we’re alive, we’ll be constantly applying Temporal Chains to all enemies around us. This slows down enemies, making them attack slower and cast spells in our 6-Link weapons.

On the bow, we have more projectiles so we can cover more ground. And Ensnaring Arrow is our skill of choice, which means our enemies will move slower so we can hit them more often. Mirage Archer Support helps us automate this so we can push enemies away faster.

When we cast and Ensnaring Arrow, we run Second Wind Support and increase the helmet’s duration to support Gorgon’s Gaze’s Petrification Statue ability, making it last as long as possible and giving it a second charge.

POE: Ensnaring Arrow


Next, let’s talk about equipment.

For Arrow Quiver, we are running a Rearguard, which provides us with all spell blocking. We then run Gorgon’s Gaze Regicide Mask to increase the pulsing frequency so our Void Sphere attracts enemies more often.

Apparently we’re running Petrification Statue skill of Gorgon’s Gaze, which helps us petrify the boss. This way, we can take his totem as quickly as possible at the end.

POE: Gorgon's Gaze Regicide Mask

Then, for the armor, we use Queen of the Forest. It has a massive amount of extra movement speed, up to 75%. But we must have 45,000 energy evasion to get 75% of Queen of the Forest’s movement speed cap.

For the gloves, we’re running Meginord’s Vise. This is standard on all cheese builds and allows us to have extra knockback range so that we can push enemies further away with our Ensnaring Arrow. And then it can also help us deal with our strength issues. Mine has two AOEs and it just buffs the aura in my gloves,

For boots, Sin Trek is a brilliant choice. Because it has good movement speed. It gives us a lot of flat energy shields, which allows us to use the Eldritch Battery more easily. It’s also an evasion base, so it gives us good evasion capabilities.

That’s all there is to know about this Gorgon’s Gaze build. Don’t forget to adapt it to your requirements and trust him to help you clear everything!


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