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An OP Build For Dominating Guardian Maps & Invitations In Path Of Exile 3.23 - Ignite Death Wish Elementalist

Feb 17, 2024

Do you want to blast guardian maps and invitations in Path of Exile 3.23? Here, I would like to highly recommend Ignite Death Wish Elementalist build. If you're interested in making this build, you'd better have plenty of POE Currency.

An OP Build For Dominating Guardian Maps & Invitations In Path Of Exile 3.23 - Ignite Death Wish Elementalist

About The Build

The central item in this build is the Maw of Mischief, a unique bone helmet. This item provides a level 20 Death Wish ability that triggers the detonation of the character’s minions, inflicting 19% of their maximum life as fire damage.

The Perfect Dark Marionette, acquired from the Breaker of Oaths in The Vidian Wildwood, is another crucial component. In addition to exploding for an extra 15% of its maximum life upon death, it also scorches enemies in the vicinity, further weakening their elemental resistances.

With a level 83 Dark Marionette boasting over 92,000 life, it forms the foundation for amplifying the build’s ignite damage.

Path of Exile Maw of Mischief

Ways To Increase Minion Life

To attain a level 83 Dark Marionette, the strategy involves elevating the gem level of Raise Spectre to 32. This is achieved through the utilization of Pragmatism and the incorporation of a level 21 Raise Spectre gem linked with a level 20 Minion Life Support and a level 4 Empower Support.

Through an Elegant Hubris commission to Caspiro, the build gains the ability to allocate 3 Axiom Warden nodes, resulting in a significant 240% increase in minion life. This commission also enables the build to ignore stat attribute requirements by allocating Supreme Ostentation.

Cluster jewels play a crucial role in acquiring additional passives like Raze and Pillage, Feasting Fiends, Hulking Corpses, Life from Death, and Blessed Rebirth. The collective effect of these passives further bolsters the life pool of the specters.

Ways To Increase Ignite Damage

The Scourge is used to allow increased minion damage to affect the character at 150% of their value. 

This allows the build to benefit from passives, such as Redemption and Righteous Army. Bitterbind Point increases the life pool of the Dark Marionet and also grants Arcane Surge, as well as high crit chance to sustain Elemental Overload

A “That Which Was Taken” Jewel grants the build more exposure effects as well as the ability to cover unique enemies in ash because the highest damage type dealt by Death Wish is also fire damage. 

The build can take full advantage of the Shaper of Flames ascendancy. Mastermind of Discord increases any fire exposure inflicted by another 25%. And Heart of Destruction gives a free 30% more multiplier when fighting unique monsters.

Clear Speed & Single Target

Berek’s Respite is a unique ring that spreads ignites from slain enemies.

This allows the build to achieve screen wide clears from a single Death Wish. This is typically used when clearing maps or farming high mob density mechanics, such as Abyss, Expedition or Legion.

For boss fights, the build will swap out Berek’s Respite for a Replica Emberwake. This ring will significantly increase ignite DPS at the cost of a greatly reduced ignite duration.

Defiled Forces allows the build to infinitely sustain ignites on enemies, which bypasses the downside of using Replica Emberwake.

To automate the process of continuous curse application, an Arcanist Brand is used to cast Elemental Weakness, Flammability, and Flame Surge on any mob of interest.


This build doesn’t have many layers of defense and is effectively a glass cannon. It has a low physical max hit and succeeds mainly by slaying enemies before they can react or respond. 

However, to alleviate some of the pain involved with the build that constantly dies, this setup uses a Defiance of Destiny to regain a portion of missing life before every hit is calculated allocating.

Path of Exile Defiance of Destiny

The nodes around Instinct running 3 suppression based charms (Pathfinder’s Lupine Charm of the Raider, Saboteur’s Lupine Charm of the Raider & Lupine Charm of the Raider) and rolling suppression on the boots (Gloom Slippers) and gloves (Foe Fingers) allow the character to reach a 90% chance to suppress all spell damage.

This build makes use of the Bloodnotch and Immutable Force combo, which allows for tremendous recovery from stunning hits.

To guarantee that enemy hits stun the character, the build combines Eldrich Battery with Energy Shield Mastery that makes stun thresholds scale with energy shield.


For the flask setup, this build uses a Granite Flask (Flagellant’s Granite Flask of the Impala) and a Jade Flask (Flagellant’s Jade Flask of the Armadillo) with the prefix that gains charges when the character is hit for maximum uptime.

A Taste of Hate is also leveraged for a bit of physical damage shift that can slightly improve the physical max hit of the build.


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