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Dual Strike Of Ambidexterity Bleed Slayer In POE 3.23 Can Kill Everything With Ease!

Feb 21, 2024

Greetings Exile, here we will bring a powerful Dual Strike of Ambidexterity Bleed Slayer, which can help you kill everyone on the field easily. If you are interested in this build, then be sure not to miss this guide.

POE 3.23 introduces a number of amazing gems, including Dual Strike of Ambidexterity. This is a Transfigured version of Dual Strike, requiring you to dual-wield two different weapon types. Your primary hand deals more damage, while your off-hand determines attack speed.

My original plan was to dual wield Axe and Sword. The off-hand has a high attack speed sword and the primary hand has a high damage axe. But there was a problem with one support. Trauma Support I want to use does not work with the sword. So I re-selected Varunastra and we can now stack Trauma with it.

Dual Strike Of Ambidexterity Bleed Slayer In POE 3.23 Can Kill Everything With Ease!

Pros & Cons

Now let’s move on to the gear used in this build. But before that, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this setup.

This build boasts impressive defenses: 100% Spell Suppression, a powerful 70,000 Armor, and maximum resistances, including the oft-overlooked Chaos resistance.

This character is both a powerful boss and a reliable mapper. Its high adaptability makes it an excellent choice for a variety of gaming challenges.

This build has a whopping 66% maximum health, making it effortless to maintain its survivability against Relentless enemies.

Additionally, harnessing the power of 10 Endurance Charges and 10 Frenzy Charges, this build achieves superior physical damage reduction and a massive increase in overall damage output.

Its shortcomings are also obvious. The melee nature of this build also brings inherent risks and challenges of close combat. And achieving optimal performance may require a significant POE Currency investment in high-end gear, making it harder for players on a budget to obtain it.

And the build faces difficulties with specific map modifiers. For example, without leech or reduced life regeneration, too many stacks of Trauma can be fatal to your character.


Let’s start by discussing our main hand arsenal. We are equipped with the sword Varunastra. Like all one-handed melee weapon types, it can benefit from modifiers.

As with all one-handed weapons, it is Double Corruption, with the opportunity to Resolute Technique and Fortify implicit skills, giving us a 100% hit rate and the means to fortify ourselves.

How Good Is Varunastra in Path of Exile 3.23?

For the off-hand, we immediately equipped Siege Axe, which has the highest base attack speed among axes.

Its prefixes include Bleed’s physical damage overtime multiplier and mods that increase physical damage over time and increase attack speed by 4%.

As for suffixes, we increased the attack speed by 27%. Physical damage is multiplied over time and attack speed is increased when close to unique or rare enemies.

Additionally, we’ve enchanted the axe to increase attack speed by 1% for every 8% increase in Harvest Bench quality.

The rest of POE items you need to know about this build include:

  • Body Armor: Triumphant Lamellar
  • Helmet: Nightmare Bascinet
  • Gloves: Apothecary’s Gloves
  • Boots: Ralakesh’s Impatience
  • Belt: Corrupted Ryslatha’s Coil Studded Belt
  • Amulet: Stranglegasp
  • Rings: Synthesizing Ring & Kalandra’s Touch


Now let’s dive into the gems in our gear, which include:

  • Dual Strike of Ambidexterity: Main hand weapon damage increased by 50%, attack time with off-hand weapon.
  • Awakened Brutality: Increases our damage output.
  • Ruthless: Every third attack deals with 100% increased damage
  • Bleed Chance: Increases blood damage, with a 25% chance to cause blood and additional physical damage.
  • Volatility: Provides greater maximum physical attack damage. We can replace it with Awakened Melee Splash Support, while mapping for improved clearing capabilities.
  • Trauma: Grants flat physical damage per Trauma stack, while dual-wielding provides twice the flat physical damage per Trauma stack.

POE 3.23: Warden of the Maji Ascendancy


For Ascendancy, we chose Warden of the Maji. I chose this Ascendancy to get the attack range from Tincture. Without enough range, attacks can feel underwhelming.

Starting with Coated Blade, this allows us to use Oakbranch Tincture. This gives Culling Strike, increasing our strike range and causing enemies to take extra damage when they are low on health.

Next, we will use Intensifying Suffusion, which will amplify Tincture effect of each flask slot.

Then there’s Nature’s Concoction, which causes flasks in the socket near Tincture to gain Flask Charges and enhance the effect after hitting an enemy with the weapon.

Finally, we choose Detect Evil, which prevents marked enemies from blocking or suppressing your attacks and marks notable enemies on your mini-map.

That’s it for our Dual Strike of Ambidexterity Trauma Stacker Bleed Slayer build. I do realize that this build is quite expensive and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with an SSF or budget. But if you have enough budget, it will easily help you clear everything.


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