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How To Better Build Poison Penance Brand In Path Of Exile 3.24?

May 27, 2024

Hello everyone, welcome to this guide. This version of Penance Brand has hits and elements and can deal with a lot of single target damage. If you really like challenging players with Uber bossing and hand-to-hand combat, you will definitely like this. I’ll cover how to use this in this guide.

How To Better Build Poison Penance Brand In Path Of Exile 3.24?

Before starting, you can expand the scope of your adventure by obtaining POE Currency, and you can also craft and strengthen your equipment to take your gaming experience to the next level.

How To Inflict Poison?

First, let me introduce how to inflict poisons. The reason I want to mention this first is that Original Sin is the most expensive item in the entire build. Even if you may not be interested in participating in the building yourself, don’t rush away. You can also learn a thing or two about the other mechanics in POE 3.24.

Original Sin will convert all our elemental damage into chaos damage. These two types of damage are the only types of damage that can cause natural poisoning. In this version, we can use Herald Of Agony, Skill Tree and Tattoos to get the chance of poison. And different levels of poison damage can be built from gem links, large cluster joules, weapons, but the major source is stacking double explicit corrupted magic adorning jewels. Considering that your goal is to get 8% chaos damage on magic adorn jewels, it is very important that you get an effective magic adorn jewel.

Scaling Hit Damage

Because the more hit points provided by peninsula dissipation will greatly increase your build ability and will also allow you to reach the limit quickly. Never try to jump out of or block the spell’s first damage. Because Pattern Spawn is a kind of physical damage, and it is fixed physical damage in magic adorn jewel.

But because of Original Sin, this physical damage is of no use to us. To solve this problem, gloves can be used to convert physical damage into cold damage. At least 50% of it will be converted into cold damage, and the other 50% will be converted into lightning damage by the jewel. Another thing to note is that this build can use hatred as its major hit damaging aura and hatred will bring more cold damage to our body. This damage will accumulate with the level of the gem.

We can become a level 21 hatred through “+1 TO LEVEL OF ALL SPELL SKILL GEMS” button in the game. Or insert a gem with two prefix models into a helmet or gloves, which can further increase head damage by oscillating the scepter’s own elemental overload keystone implicit. This keystone will be 40% more elemental damaged than the bill’s hit damage.

Defensive Layers

I’ll break down the defensive layers in this build into five parts. Physical take into elemental conversion, spell suppression, 90% all max resistance, critical immunity, recovery and life recovery.

Physical Take Into Elemental Conversion

Converting physical damage to elemental damage allows us to ignore the role of implementing armor and provide more defense in other defensive layers. This can be obtained from lightning coil, helmet prefix craf, and the remaining 10% can be obtained from chaos mastery in the tree. Keep in mind that this defense will become ineffective over time and additional defenses must be acquired through other means.

Spell Suppression

Spell suppression is easy to understand, which is why it is so popular among players. It can halve the spell attacks received, which is very useful, especially when facing BOSS whose highest attack is spell attack.

90% All Maximum Resistance

This works when combined with the first offensive layer I mentioned. Maximum resistance is capped at 90%, which not only indicates taking most of the elemental damage. It also applies to physical damage taken. This method of absorbing physical damage is much better than reducing physical damage, since armor can only withstand larger hits if your armor level is higher than the damage taken. This simply notifies damage as a percentage of the maximum resistance you have. We can reach 90% of all max resistance from the following, using Flesh Melt along with 23+ Purity. There is also an elemental flask that adds flask effects both explicitly and implicitly, with enchantments paired with the primary blood.

This works best when combined with the first defensive layer I just mentioned. 90% All maximum resistance is not only used for physical damage but also for spell damage. Compared with reducing physical damage mentioned before, this kind of direct absorption of physical damage will be much better. Because only if your armor level is higher than the damage you take, your armor can withstand greater attacks. In combat, we can use the melting of the flesh alongside a level 23+purity to achieve 90% All max resistance.

Critical Immunity

It is very necessary to have critical immunity in battle, especially if you are preparing to cultivate T7 or Uber bossing. Both T7 and Uber bossing will make you take particularly bad damage, but there are two ways to gain critical immunity.

The first method is simple. When you main poison, you can deal damage to enemies you poison, but this requires you to trade the poison and deal damage 20% faster. The second one requires you to take 50% less critical hit bonus damage, Corruption Hidden in Lightning Coil, and the famous Temple of Thought, which gives you an extra 30% bonus damage reduction, with the remaining 20% being gained from the tattoo. It all depends on whether you want the extra damage.

Recovery And Life Recovery

This is the defensive layer that can make you feel you are truly “immortal”. When jewelry is perfectly combined with the tree alongside the fines of destiny, you’ll find that it will not only protect you from smaller heads but also allow your own heads to recover quickly.

Besides the above, there are some other defensive layers that can be used to build houses and so on. Waiting for your novel exploration!


Most of the construction speed comes from stacking large cluster jewelry. This is because stacking large cluster jewelry will bring us indescribably powerful chaos damage. In this version, note that we need four jewelry, and be aware of Wicked Powell and dark radiation alongside an unspeakable gift while searching.

Based on the above guide, I believe you have a great understanding of the construction of Poison Penance Brand of Dissipation Pathfinder. What I’m talking about may be part of the game’s combat. The rest needs to be explored on your own! Happy gaming!


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