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POE Players Disappointed By GGG's Lack Of Response To Bad Scourge Rolls

The Scourge League has been going on for a while, but players are disappointed by the lack of response from GGG about bad Scourge rolls. In Scourge League, you can place an item or a map in Blood Crucible. After killing monsters in the Nightmare Realm, you will get some Scourge rolls, which will have a positive and negative effect in the process of corrupting items.

Krangling is where a corrupted item’s negative effect will render the positive item almost useless. Although GGG has released an update that has made some improvements to the league’s mechanics, this is far from the expectations of fans.

Fans expressed disappointment of GGG's inaction, and the negative Scourge rolls outweigh the vast majority of positive effects on a specific item or map. Although the recent update has improved the map rolls to a certain extent, this only made one major buff to the map, and then it was done. It does not solve the fundamental problem at all.

Moreover, this problem does not seem to be fixed, because something has not been fixed in the first three weeks of the new league, so it is unlikely to change in the future unless the main mechanic is reset.

GGG producer Chris Wilson said that bad rolls/mods exist to dilute the mod pool and make good ones rare, which means it’s harder for you to get what you want. So ambitious players always look for other ways, such as buy POE Currency.

And he also said before that they will improve Atlas and fix the bugs that still exist so far to release the 3.17 patch in time. Atlas itself is very large, so this will be a long repair process. But now, it seems that some players are tired of struggling to opt-out of the game, so GGG should take action as soon as possible to bring players a better gaming experience.

If you still stick to the game, then you can come to, we will frequently update game-related articles, even if you are a POE veteran, maybe you can get some inspiration from here.

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